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You must have a desire for a cheerful party on the day of your wedding. Needless to say whether  you should have special plans on hosting the wedding party or not.

Now, close your eyes and imagine, you are hosting a simple wedding party at your home with lots of smiles, lots of fun and mind blowing touches of art around you. How are you feeling?

In this article, I am going to give you some unique DIY Ideas for hosting a wedding at your home.

So, first thing’s first. Before arranging a happy wedding at home, you must be concerned about the following steps.

Split The Wedding Day Into Different Sessions

You have to make a list of events such as-

  • Preparation of bride for wedding
  • Welcoming the guests
  • Walking down the aisle
  • The wedding ceremony
  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • Carrying bridal bouquet
  • photosation
  • Fast dancing
  • Dinner and so on.

After making the to-do-list you should note down the starting and ending times of each event.

Employ A Clearing Crew

Hire some people who will help you clean your home to make it ready for the wedding party.

Assign Wedding Planners

You can hire wedding planners or assign one of your friends who has some experience in home wedding planning. Or you can assign one or more  bridesmaids.

Prepare A Wedding Guest  List

How many people you will send wedding invitations to is totally up to you, but make sure that the guest count  should not be too high to accommodate.

Choose Save The Dates Without Pictures/ Wedding Invitations

Select the best invitation card/ “save the dates without pictures” card. Your guest would love to have a nice save the date card. You can customize the invitation card by printable wedding invite templates.

Ensure Car Parking Facilities

Some of your guests will arrive at your party with cars. You must arrange their parking space. If you don’t have space for car parking, let your guests know it.

Arrange Transportation For The Wedding Guests

Yes, this is a great idea. You can hire a vehicle like a bus for your guests. It will guarantee the on time arrival and departure of your guests. On time Attendance of all the guests is very important as it helps you maintain the premeditated schedule of the wedding.

Notify Neighbors

Obviously, there will be some inconvenience in any party. Invite them or not, you should go to their house to inform them that a wedding  party is going to be held.

Talk to them with courtesy while begging for an apology for the inconvenience. They will not raise any objection to noise then. I think it’s good to invite them for a drink in the evening.

Plan Wedding Considering The Weather

If it’s winter, you may arrange a fire pit to warm it all. In case of a summer wedding, you will set up an air conditioning system or fans. You must have a backup plan in case of rain. You can set up some sailcloth tents or a big shade if there is any possibility of rain.

Design A Floral Entrance

Decorate the entrance and the wedding reception with multi-color flowers. A floral gate would be the first surprise for your guests. It will give peace to their eyes.

Also you can custom design the entrance using colorful polyester chiffon fabrics to make the entrance much more lucrative.

Use The Walkway Of Your Pool As Aisle

If you have a pool, you can use it as a substitute for an aisle. You can decorate it in your personal style.

Cover All The Tables With Colorful Clothes

Color is an enjoyable watch. Try to spread wedding colors all around the wedding venue. The best idea to make the surroundings colorful is to use colorful table covers.

Ensure Dressing Room Facilities

Assign a makeup artist and arrange mirrors, tables, lighting systems and other things according to his/ her suggestions.

Hire Photographer For Best Wedding Photos

Make memories by assigning a professional photographer. Better if you show him the nicest places in your home. If your private residence has a scenic Vantage point, make the best use of it while taking photos.

Decorate Rooms, Yard And Garden

For decoration of your home you can lend some-

  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Fairy lights
  • Bunting
  • Lanterns
  • Tablescape

Put All The Baked Food At A Table

Display Cookies, biscuits, cakes on a large table. Pastries are not only for eating, but also for decoration. It gives a heavenly vibe when displayed.

Arrange Food And Beverage

Prepare food by yourself or take the help of catering services. You will put on a buffet or table service. If you prefer table service, you should assign a  front-of-house team. To me Food trucks are the best option. On the food truck you can offer BBQ, pizza and so on. You should open a bar too.

Ensure Refreshing Room Facilities

If you invite lots of people, you must arrange additional toilets for them.

Use String Lights

After the sunset, you will illuminate your entire backyard with string lights for a magical aesthetic look.

Wedding Entertainments

The most enjoyable part of a wedding is entertainment. Your guests would love a DJ, magic show, Photo booths, games, dance and so on. Keep in mind that dancing is the most popular entertainment in a wedding.

You must select the right place indoor or outdoor for dance. If you want it to be held outdoors, manage a big tent for it. Play music but it should not exceed the noise ordinances.

Arrange A Chill Lounge Area

You can make a chill lounge area with a large sailcloth shade and a couple of benches. This is a great idea for the relaxation of your guests. They will sit there and have chats with each other. This area will also provide shelter if there is any rain.

Design A Grand Exit With Modern Touches

When your wedding day comes to an end, the guests may expect a last surprise. You can fulfill their last expectation by crafting an amazing exit with some awesome wedding decors.

Final Words

Weddings are one of the biggest moments of your life. This article is a simple effort to give you some amazing ideas that can make your wedding memorable. Hope the above DIY Ideas for hosting a wedding at your home will tremendously help you plan for the wedding.

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