10 Innovative Tools That Let You Work From Your Phone

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These days, more and more students use not only a laptop and a tablet for work but also… a phone! An important call can catch you in the park or at dinner when other equipment is not at hand. In addition, during the day, we can find a couple of valuable minutes to complete tasks, for example, when waiting in line or riding a bus.

Today there are a lot of effective tools for being productive. They are suitable for anyone who needs help organizing workflows, managing time, and staying concentrated.

1. WritePaper

Before beginning any work, you need to ensure that your schedule is clear for it! For full-time students and people getting a new qualification it gets hard to juggle work with studies. And that’s when such resources as WritePaper come in handy. If you’re struggling with doing everything at once, request writers to write my paper for me; they can fulfill any request and leave you to do other tasks that can’t be outsourced. That’s a little lifehack for all the busy people out there.

2. Trello

Trello makes your work easy and enjoyable thanks to various features. First, here you can organize projects and prioritize them. Second, the intuitive interface of boards, lists, and cards allows you to organize ideas and track progress.

Let’s say your creative project team is using Trello. Team members can create lists for each step of the workflow, such as References, Brainstorming, Writing, Editing, and Final Presentation. You can add cards for each item. They can be assigned to team members by specifying deadlines and attaching any Dropbox files. All data will be organized in one space, which means everything you need will always be at hand.

3. Slack

Slack has been popular for a long time, and for a good reason. Many large corporations consider this app a great solution for productive collaboration.

So, what does it allow you to do? Here, you can create channels for teams and projects. This optimizes the process of communicating with colleagues, customers, partners, and service providers.

In this app, users can make voice and video calls, share the screen, and easily send files. Also, integrate your Dropbox account with Slack to quickly sync, share, view, and edit data.

4. HelloSign From Dropbox

The times when you had to print, sign, scan, and send documents are long gone. HelloSign by Dropbox allows you to sign your documents digitally, saving you tons of time.

Thus, you can work wherever you are, whether you are traveling remotely or staying at your Grandma’s cottage house. HelloSign supports 17 types of files and allows you to send almost any document for signing. Of course, e-signatures are legally binding and securely encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your personal data.

5. Tweek

If you’re tired of the usual to-do list apps, then Tweek is what you need. The app allows you to create new tasks with minimal effort. They can be marked as completed or dragged to another day. Plus, Tweek can be used offline, and it also automatically syncs with the web version.

6. Switchboard

If you’re looking for an innovative alternative to Zoom, check Switchboard out. It allows participants of the conference to create stickers on a black canvas, share files, and surf the web. Participants’ faces appear as small chat bubbles at the top of the screen while the work you do together takes center stage.

7. Pitch

Looking for a PowerPoint upgrade? Well, many companies (especially ones related to marketing) have tried to use video formats to make presentations more lively. But it’s the creators of Pitch who came up with something extremely great. Each slide of your presentation here has a separate video clip that can be dragged to any part of the screen. This makes the video a more natural part of the presentation itself.

8. Adobe Express: Graphic Design

With Adobe Express, you can create eye-catching posters, business cards, or social media graphics with no special skills. And most importantly, it will be done in the nick of time! You can start with a template and then use the simple drag-and-drop interface to add fonts and images.

Earlier, the app was called Adobe Spark. Today it has a lot more editing tools like instant background remover and video-to-GIF converter.

9. TickTick

Paper notebooks are quickly losing their roles, as today, everything we need for work is collected right on the phone. And office and administrative employees know it better than anyone else. Thanks to scheduling apps, you can keep all your to-do lists, appointments, and reminders in one place.

TickTick can be used both online and offline. Here, you will determine the importance of tasks and also link them to geodata!

Let’s imagine you are on your way to a business meeting and have to hand in an important document to your colleagues along the way. When you are near the necessary office, the application will send you a reminder to give the file away.

10. LastPass

Do you often log into accounts on different platforms and constantly forget your passwords? Well, LastPass is what you need, then! This application stores passwords from your accounts on different sites. In order not to waste time remembering the password in a stressful situation, keep it in a place specially created for this.

In addition to the safe storage of your passwords, LastPass organizes your personal data and stores banking information. If needed, you can set up synchronization with other devices as well.

The Bottom Line

The world we live in offers us plenty of opportunities, but every coin has two sides. With lots of chances for growth and development, there comes stress, anxiety, and constant hurry. But let’s remember that modern problems require modern solutions. And students who combine work with study know this for sure. We don’t always have a laptop at hand; moreover, we aren’t at the workplace 24/7. Therefore, sometimes you have to perform important tasks from your phone.

To make work more fun and productive, use cool apps for your smartphone. Calling, editing and sending files, remembering essential things – all this is quite easy when you have downloaded valuable tools.

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