Occupations That Keep You On Your Feet All Day

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Do you dread the thought of a desk job? Does the idea of sitting down all day, every day, sound like a fate worse than death? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel the same way.

Rather than throw in the towel and settle for a job you hate, why not look for something a little more physically demanding? Not only will you avoid the horrors of a sedentary position, but you’ll also stay in decent shape too!

What’s more, there are many options to choose from. The following are a small handful of occupations that keep you on your feet all day:

Flight Attendant

Except during takeoffs, landings, and brief breaks, flight attendants are on their feet the entire time the plane is in the air. While the pilots are busy in the cockpit, you’re busy in the cabin and galley, helping passengers, preparing drinks, and serving them, all while you criss-cross the globe for a living. Depending on the situation, you may also need to perform other tasks related to safety and security.

Registered Nurse

The job of a registered nurse is more physically demanding than most people think. In fact, RNs are on their feet so much that footwear companies make specialized nurse work shoes designed for maximum comfort. Whether you’re on the day shift or night shift, working as a nurse will require constant walking between exam rooms as you help doctors treat patients. You may also be asked to help lift patients in and out of beds and wheelchairs. That means your arms will get strong along with your legs and feet.

Retail Personnel

Working in retail remains one of the most underrated occupations on the planet. That’s because it’s seemingly unskilled and simple. Anyone who’s ever worked in retail knows that’s an utter untruth. From inventory management to providing customer assistance to opening and closing the store each day and night, retail workers have a lot to get done. All the while, they’re on their feet for the majority of their work shift.

Restaurant Worker

Whether you’re a server, bartender, dishwasher, or cook, you’re on your feet for the entirety of your shift. During lunch and dinner, you may not have time to sit down for over an hour. While most physically-demanding jobs in restaurants do not pay very well, servers and bartenders can make a good living off the tips they earn. That makes them good occupations for those currently enrolled in college or in another transitional phase of their lives.

School Teacher

Stop for a moment and think about your favorite teacher. Picture them in your head. We’re willing to bet the image you see is of them pacing back and forth in front of the whiteboard (chalkboard if you’re old enough to remember those) and walking up and down the aisles between desks. While teachers spend many hours sitting at their desks, grading papers and planning their lessons, they also spend an equal amount of time on their feet as they put those lesson plans into action and monitor students during tests.

Mail Carrier

It’s safe to say anytime you see your local mail carrier, they’re on their feet walking from one mailbox to another. Some mail carriers walk as much as 12 miles a day. That’s close to 30,000 steps! What’s more, the pay is better than most people think; the annual mean wage for a United States Postal Service mail carrier in 2021 was $54,370.

First Responder

Are you someone who wants to help others when they need it most? If so, consider becoming a first responder. These jobs typically involve lots of lifting, running, and walking. The list of first responder career options includes firefighter, paramedic, and police officer.

Are you determined to avoid a desk job? Is your dream job something involving lots of physical activity? If so, consider one of the occupations listed above. They’re a great way to stay active while also making a decent living.

Alex Farina is a freelance writer from Ohio. He enjoys writing about design, nature, and technology.

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