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The 8 Travel Hacks Doing The Rounds On Tik Tok

Tik Tok is synonymous with life hacks. The platform is loaded with tips and tricks on how to navigate travelling this holiday season. Here, travel accommodation brand Blue Pillow presents 8 TikTok travel hacks currently doing the rounds on Tiki Tok, revealing which ones are worth the hype, and which ones to leave behind.

One plug, 5 electricals

For many travellers packing several travel adapters when travelling abroad is common and (expensive) practice. However, singer and influencer Tallia Storm provides an alternative as she reveals that instead of packing several travel adapters, just pack one adapter and one extension lead. Using the adapter for your extension lead ensures that you only need one adapter but enjoy the use of several sockets in the extension lead.

This is a great tip for those that like to travel light as well as travellers that tend to use multiple appliances at the same time. For example, hair dryers, straighteners etc.

Click + collect 100ml+

When carrying hand luggage, liquids must not exceed 100ml. Any product that exceeds this limit must be purchased post security. This may be problematic as you cannot be certain that the airport stores will stock your preferred brands and may carry a higher price task. Tik Tok user Emma.mahonn has found a way to navigate this. Using the click and collect option on the shopping apps, purchase the items and collect them in the store that is in the airport. This ensures that you can carry your preferred 100ml+ goods in hand luggage and not pay airport prices.

Before executing the click and collect hack, ensure that the store you are collecting from is on the other side of security and that its open at the time of your arrival.

Pillow flies free

The Pillow flies free hack has been circulating Tik Tok for a while, as shown by content creator nolimitua. The hack involves taking a pillow case and filling it with the clothes that don’t fit in hand luggage or your case. The objective of this hack is to avoid paying for an extra bag as pillows fly free.

Although this may seem like a no brainer, security measures are likely to uncover your trick. This may lead to the airline issuing you with a bill for an extra bag whilst delaying you at the airport. In the current climate, further delays at the airport are not a great idea and could lead to you missing your flight. Our advice is to leave this hack behind.

Vacuum packing 

We’ve all been there, applying pressure to the top of our suitcase to ensure that it closes. Vacuum packing doesn’t have to be saved for storing your seasonal clothes as sydschwiets proves. Vacuum packing your clothes is great for both hand and check in luggage as it frees up space and saves any luggage slips splitting.

Let me entertain you

Short haul flights are unlikely to feature televisions. Tik Toker dropdeadthreads showcases how to pass the time whilst watching your favourite shows by taking the airplane paper bag and sliding it under the phone case then placing the flap of the bag in the tray and locking it in place. Essentially, this serves as a phone holder, allowing you to be hands free whilst watching your entertainment.

Avoid motion sickness by sitting at the front of the plane

A flight can be a hard time for those that experience motion sickness. Although medication can alleviate symptoms, Tik Tok has some further advice. Flight attendant and tiktokker Weariwandered advises that those that experience travel sickness sit at the front of the plane as it experiences less turbulence, and therefore less motion, than the back.

It’s true that sitting at the front of the plane alleviates motion sickness however, these seats may come at a premium price. Sitting next to or near the wing also aids in the person feeling less turbulence and the cost of the seat is lower.

Keep rolling

JillComesClean showcases 3 great ways to roll your clothes instead of folding. Not only does rolling your clothes provide more room in your suitcase, but it also reduces the risk of creasing when you arrive at your destination

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