Here Are Some Things That Are Better Done After Hours

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Some things are better when done after dark. That is a universal truth we all know but might have trouble explaining why it is. If we could better understand it, then we could get even more enjoyment out of things we love. We would have a pretty good idea of which things into which we can breathe new life by putting them off till after hours.

Of course, some things are inherently more dangerous at night. To the extent possible, you should do your driving when there is as much natural light as possible. A lot of people who see perfectly well during the day have more than a little trouble seeing clearly at night.

Athletic events are often held at night for the simple expediency that people are busy with work and family obligations during the day. The downside is the shockingly large amount of power it takes to light up the field of play well enough for athletes to do their job with some degree of safety. Day sports are not only easier to enjoy, they are better for the planet. So it can be a real challenge to know when an event should be done at night as opposed to full daylight. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Weddings and Other Celebrations

Sparklers for wedding ceremonies and receptions are spectacular. The problem is they will be less so under a bright, unrelenting sun. Move the event to sundown, and those sparklers will light your wedding like the 4th of July. Suddenly, it transforms from a dull service to a vibrant festival of love and light.

The same is true for the best gender reveal ideas. They often include a pop or a bang or a show of color and light. If you think these are spectacular by day, just wait till you have a chance to experience them at night. There is a reason why most fireworks celebrations are at night. It is not that we couldn’t see them during the day. We can. It is just that they are even more impactful in the dark.

If your event has an element of sparkle and light and people looking up to the sky, you should consider doing it at night when they don’t have to squint against the sun and when cameras can do a better job at focusing on the main spectacle.

Exploring a New City

Let’s face it: A lot of businesses are closed at night leaving you wondering what you are missing. But the same is true when the sun is up. A lot of places don’t open until the sun has done its business for the day. This is why it is important to do at least two tours of a city: one during the day and one at night. There is a good chance you will enjoy the one at night even more.

One reason is that people tend to get more colorful and free once they are done with the work day. They have fewer rules to follow and fewer inhibitions. The dress is always casual, but never business casual when traveling abroad. The best time of day to taste the chef’s best work is not during the day at all. Dinner starts at 10 and lasts till morning. When you are serious about feeling the pulse of a city, get your sleeping done before sundown.


You can always choose to go to a matinee and pay less money for the same show. But if you have the option to go to a show at night, you should. Live theater is best in person. And there are bigger and livelier audiences at the later performances. Also, the stories, costumes, and set pieces will be dancing in your head and the impact of the event will be that much greater as your body and brain start winding down from the day. Matinee performances are often forgotten because they get drowned out by everything else you have to do. Live theater at night is the best theater you can experience.

The night time is the right time for celebrations with bright spectacles, touring cities that never sleep, and for allowing art to be its most impactful.

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