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Mistakes you can avoid when renting a vacation home

Most travelers have two options when planning a holiday. First, stay in a well-known resort/hotel or vacation property. The latter is typically held by a private individual who has repurposed their home to produce revenue rather than a corporate hospitality firm. Both of these options have pros and cons, which occasionally overlap. However, when choosing a vacation rental in Coeur d Alene, Idaho, or any place over a resort, there is more room for error because these vary significantly in scope and price. 

Here are a few mistakes you can avoid while renting a vacation home.

Not Conducting Location Research

Again, photographs can be deceptive. For example, your vacation house may be adjacent to a busy road or located miles away from services and grocery stores. A long journey to the beach/lake or ski slopes is the last thing you want. Even worse is hearing gunshots in the middle of the night or being awakened by animal noises outside your property.

Choosing a Book Based on Its Cover

It would be best if you did not judge a book by its cover. Just because the photographs look excellent doesn’t ensure you’ll get exactly what you see. To begin with, if there are only a few home images, this should raise a red flag. You want the photographs to show every inch of the property, including the bedrooms, kitchen(s), baths, living room, and games room. Second, go over the reviews and search for any recurring themes. 

Selecting a Lower-Cost Rental to Save Money

The adage “you get what you pay for” applies to holiday rentals. You may come to regret trying to save a few bucks on price. Even if you don’t mind staying in modest hostel-style accommodations, your fellow visitors may not be so eager.

Not Using a trusted Platform.

New vacation platforms are springing up all over the place these days. If a vacation rental is good, it will be listed on one of the major websites, such as Airbnb, VRBO, or However, don’t entrust your holiday to an unfamiliar location because you’ll need to guarantee that well-defined insurance and cancellation policies are in place if things go wrong. You also want a clear communication channel before, during, and after your stay.

Checking for basic amenities.

The norms and expectations for regular household and property amenities vary greatly. It’s usually best to ask ahead of time than to be caught off guard when you arrive. The amenities like free wifi, Air conditioner or hot water, parking, and general household items like towels, hair dryer, etc. should be asked before renting the vacation home.

Ignoring the House Rules

The number of guests allowed, the minimum age, pets, noise, and arrival and departure times is strictly enforced in vacation rentals. Following a string of “party-home” mishaps that resulted in violence, holiday rental platforms are concerned about safety and security. So, follow the regulations if you don’t want to face a lifelong ban and legal action.


Booking a vacation rentals coeur d alene idaho, Idaho, or Bali or Maldives anywhere in the world can be lucrative and memorable, but you must do your homework first. Booking a property on a reputable provider with excellent reviews and avoiding penny-pinching can ensure a memorable stay.

The rising popularity of vacation rentals over hotels has been a double-edged sword, benefiting and harming many towns. Make a difference by staying at a locally owned hotel. A local host is also a fantastic resource who can provide a wealth of information about the area.

Finally, social media has become a popular and less expensive alternative to the major platforms when looking for a holiday rental. Unfortunately, this can increase the exposure to scammers, so be cautious before completing any financial transactions.