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Trusted by more than 25 million guardians, Light GG is the premier resource to learn what is new with the latest Destiny 2 patch. You can also use the website to find weapon god rolls, read reviews of favorite items, write your review, compete on collection leaderboards, and much more.

The community website has a lot of features that will help you keep track of Destiny’s armor, weapons, triumphs, and much more.

What is Light GG?

The simplest way to explain LightGG is a progress tracker and completion leaderboard for the game Destiny 2. The goal of the website is to improve on the vault and collections system in the Destiny 2 game. Hopefully, they will make working toward max completion more fun.

What do they keep track of? Well, progress is tracked against most PVE and PVP activities that provide rewards. But the rewards are not trivially obtained. The website uses Destiny 2 API to pull the required information on your character and inventory.

Their completion leaderboards is still in the beta phase, but they are working on it. This way, gaming collectors can see how they compete against everyone else on the website. You can think of it as ELO for collectors.

You might notice there are different colored bars under each goal’s yellow progress bar. Well, depending on the goal, there are different components determining how much you have progressed. In that spirit, here is a little breakdown:

  • Blue owned bar keeps track of how many of the goal items you have found, no matter the power level
  • Green max power bar keeps track of how many of the goal items you have found at or infused to the current max power level. It adjusts as the max power level increases
  • Pink ornaments bar keeps track of how many of the goal items you have found and you have an ornament unlocked for
  • Orange rank 30 bar keeps track of how close you are to rank 30 with that particular faction on all characters

How to use Light GG roll appraiser?

With the GG roll appraiser, you can analyze your Destiny 2 rolls and compare them to the community average roll and your personal god rolls. But how do you use it?

Well, click on any individual roll, and that will summon up the roll inspector. There, you can compare your roll against community preferred perks and see in real time what effect each perk selection has on the weapon’s stats.

Who owns Light BB?

Alan, or as some people know him Afpac, his Destiny 2 name, is the one who runs the Destiny 2 database and tools site, Light.GG.

He has been a fan of FPS games all his life, playing things like Quake back in the day, to Halo 2, and all the way to Destiny 2. He is also a former world raider in World of Warcraft.

He was drawn into Destiny 2 when he heard Bungie had built a game that brought aspects of the MMO genre into an FPS game.

He is a software architect by day, and he is alone the “team” behind the website. Of course, he got some help from friends and companions for some of the features of the website.

How Popular is Destiny 2 game?

Destiny 2, also known as Destiny 2 New Light, or Destiny Guardians in Korea, is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first person shooter video game. Developed by Bungie, it was originally released as a pay to play game in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

But it eventually became a free-to-play game. It was published by Activision until December 2018, when Bungie acquired the publishing rights to the franchise.

Destiny 2 is set in a mythic science fiction world, featuring a multiplayer shared-world environment. There are many elements of role-playing games, and like the original, activities are divided among player versus environment or PvE and player versus player or PVP game types.

Players in the game assume the role of a guardian, protector of Earth’s last safe city. They wield a power called Light that protects humanity from different alien races and combat the looming threat of the Darkness.

The game received favorable reviews from critics. They praised the improvements, particularly to the initial story, as well as visuals, gameplay, exploration, and multiplayer.

Nowadays, the daily Destiny 2 population is about 700,000 players. With the upcoming expansion, titled Lightfall expansion, we can expect more gaming enthusiasts to join.

How to Play Destiny 2?

Similar to the original Destiny game, Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter game incorporating role-playing and massively multiplayer online game elements.

Players use their console’s messaging system to communicate with other players. But there are more optimal ways of matchmaking, called Guided Games. This allows players to search for clans and additional players for raids.

You can either play PVE or PVP. As in the original game, in Destiny 2, players can improve their characters, or Guardians, by gaining experience points.

There are three character classes, with each class having its own specific upgrade, perks, special abilities, and more. There are also three sub-classes that allow players to finely tune their individual character.

The three classes are Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. And players can also choose one of the three species, Human, Awoken, or Exo. Awoken are gray-skinned descendants of humans, while Exo are humanoid machines.

Players can level up to level 50, which was 20 at launch. Then, character progression shifts to improving power level, formerly known as Light level. They acquire better and new equipment through a variety of sources, including strikes, dungeons, raids, killing powerful enemies, and in-game events.

If you like to play PVE, you explore areas like Earth’s European Dead Zone, Saturn’s moon Titan, Jupiter’s Moon Io, and the centaur planet Nessus. There, you can do quest after quest until you level up. Of course, killing some powerful enemies in the process.

The map shows the locations of the NPCs, adventures, opposing guardians, heroic adventures, and so on. Once a player completes the main story and reaches the level cap, they unlock access to different types of end-game content. These include the Nightfall strikes, which is a weekly featured strike and high-level rewards, raids, and dungeons.

Player versus player combat exists in what is called the Crucible, featuring six-versus-six and 3vs3 game modes. There are also some limited modes, like two-versus-two.

Players usually gather equipment and level up their character and then join the PvP madness where they can test their skills against other players.

Destiny 2 also introduced a PVP activity called Gambit, which puts two teams of four against each other to defeat AI opponents from different fractions and races. Players collect items from different races, and when they bank a certain number of items, a boss will appear. Whoever beats the target boss wins that round, and there are three rounds in a best of three tournament.

The Lightfall expansion release date is scheduled for February 2023, bringing new exotic content and new guides. Sadly, the Quicksilver storm exotic rifle was disabled because of bugs recently until further notice.

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