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Kbhgames – Online Gaming Portal for Mini Games


KBH Games is an online gaming portal where you can find free online games from all over the internet. They serve and index free online games, most of which are mini-games developed by indie developers. KBHGames has demo games as well, serving as a promotional game for the full game that can be purchased on Google Play, Apple App Store, Steam, or other places.

What makes it great? Well, for starters, all games are free to play. Most are short mini-games, and some are open source games. You can also find freely distributed games that want to be played by as many players as possible.

KBH Games tries to bring the best games and the best online gaming experience to its users. Hopefully, their games can make your day better and help you pass some time.

What is it?

In the big ocean that is the Internet, you can find many free games. Nowadays, we live in the golden age of gaming. So many websites have ventured into the world of online gaming.

KBHGames is another of them, a gaming portal website for free online games. They have a large collection of high-quality free online games from reputable makers. And they also provide a platform for indie game developers.

Their fast and easy-to-use website is a great platform for passing time. You can play new games easily and hassle-free.

What are some of the games you can play?

There are many games you can play on the KBHGames website. They are a fast and easy platform. Start browsing the website for some fun games.

But their biggest selling point is FNF. Friday Night Funkin is a completely free game you can play on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Operating systems like Android. You can easily play FNF on your web browser, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The open-source rhythm game was first released in 2020 for a game jam. Developed by a team of four Newgrounds users, the game shares some features with Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper.

The central figure of the game is the playable character, Boyfriend. He must defeat a variety of characters in singing and rapping contests in order to continue dating his love interest, Girlfriend.

Where KBHGames excels is that they have a large collection of online Friday Night Funkin games. For example, they have FNF vs Spider-Man, FNF the Basement Show, FNF Tom and Jerry mod, FNF Corruption Takeover, Friday Night Funkin vs the Treat Papyrus, FNF Indie Cross, FNF vs Rainbow Friends, FNF vs Youngest Rapper, FNF Arcade World vs Pac Man, and more.

The games on the online gaming website are conveniently categorized. The categories include Friday Night Funkin, action, puzzle, 2 players, sports, shooting, arcade, strategy, fighting, simulation, educational, racing, funny, retro, run, board games, cartoon, skill, 3D, and more.

How to play?

The best part about the KBHGames website is that you do not need browser cookies to function properly. Yes, it requires third-party cookies enabled on your browser because the game developer builds it that way. So, do not disable your cookie or some games might not load or work properly.

And then here comes the cherry on the icing. The gaming website pledges to never have pop-ups and preroll on its website. These pre-roll ads only appear because they are inserted by developers. But KBH Games have control over it and they will never add these advertisements.

Some of the games on the gaming platform require a specific browser plugin so you can play. For example, you need a flash player, or WebGL player enabled.

New games made with HTML and WebGL have very large file sizes, so they might take longer to load. Your browser might freeze for a few seconds while the game finishes loading. We urge you for patience.

If you run into a problem like controls not working, click inside of the game canvas to select it so your keyboard commands are linked to the game itself.

Now, as for playing mobile HTML5 games on the website, it is quite easy. Just open the website,, and select the game that you want to play. Click on the game, wait for the loading to finish, and start playing.

Is it Safe?

When it comes to mobile and HTML5 games nowadays, users are always afraid and scared for their security and safety. We perfectly understand that.

But worry not, KBH Games is safe. Checked for scams and fraud, the website is completely safe for you to enjoy playing games.

It is a legit online platform for HTML5 games. And you can enjoy some quality and fun games there.