Offering Tailor-Fit Digital Insurance Plans To Businesses Of All Sizes

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Even in this advanced age, people refer to small and large businesses as separate entities, forgetting that they share the same space in the same market. One of the biggest reasons is that they think small businesses cannot compete with the stringent competition. This, ultimately, works more in favour of large businesses since more investors are interested in funding them.

Therefore, running a small business is inherently risky. There is so much at stake, including resources and funding. Business owners must be vigilant and know how to mitigate company-specific risks while simultaneously meeting consumer demand levels.

For smaller businesses more susceptible to risk, firms like Betadia Limited have introduced digital insurance to protect their financial plans and goals.

Ollie Roberts, Betadia’s founder, and Betadia’s global brand manager, served as a Vice President for a prominent bank in the last decade. Keeping the endless emergence of investment cases in mind, he decided to commit his future to establish a legal and compliant insurance platform that protects public welfare- Betadia.

Under his leadership, Betadia achieved key indicators, namely market values, revenues, and environmental sustainabilities. In 2020, the company was officially registered in the UK.

The primary goal of Betadia is to serve as a guardian for its vendors and clients, protecting their investment products. A policy like this should be easy and simple, which is why Betadia’s app allows users to make transfers and manage their subscriptions within seconds from the comfort of their homes or any other residence.

In 2006, Betadia started its operations in London and has expanded today to different parts of the world, including Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Betadia has made quite an impression in the digital insurance field, and the reason is quite obvious. The firm has specifically designed insurance plans for businesses of all sizes, ranging from B Bots, Wealth Enrich 2.0 and Wealth Protect 2.0. Each plan is tailor-fit to protect investment capital for all businesses.

Betadia Limited has always been committed towards empowering clients financially. Brand Ambassador Vanessa Low says, “Betadia is entering the market at an exciting time, and whilst I have achieved considerable success in my sporting career, financial security is an essential aspect that shouldn’t be neglected. I know that Betadia is the ideal platform to guide me along that journey.”

Under the influence of expert financial consulting teams and directors, Betadia has crafted a wider range of features, including affordable premiums, guaranteed capital assurance, high flexibility, prudential risk management, and transparent policies.

Moreover, the firm also provides financial literacy, particularly in investment, not just to its clients but to a broader audience via its channel, BetadiaFM. The channel features local and international live webinars, hackathons, and boot camps to provide the client exposure to the digital insurance realm.

Betadia Limited has four core missions when it comes to serving clients around the globe; to become the most reliable insurance institution that protects clients’ investment gains, to provide a diverse range of comprehensive protection plans that suit clients’ investment portfolios, to offer investors a hassle-free investment experience through coverage protection and to stand out by establishing itself as a truly global household name in the field of investment-linked insurance.

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