Crocodiles or arrows: secret and obvious in the world of logos

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A logo is a very important element of any company. Emblems are created to make a brand recognizable. For example, arrow logos can mean a lot more than they first appear. A simple symbolism that points in the direction can tell potential clients that the company sets itself the goal of moving forward, wants to reach new heights, and is focused on innovative approaches in its activities.

The arrow symbol naturally looks on the emblems of companies that deliver goods or provide transport services. When creating arrow logos, orange is predominantly used. It serves to arouse interest among potential customers, and when combined with an arrow, it calls for immediate action. Black is also used, which indicates a confident position in the market.

Pay attention to the very famous logo owned by Amazon. It may seem that the logo does not carry a hidden meaning, but if you understand the brand ideology, it becomes clear that the yellow arrow looks like a smile: Amazon wants all customers to be satisfied. The arrow acts as a connecting element for the letters “A” and “Z”, implying that this store is provided with everything “from A to Z” (“from A to Z”).

The FedEx logo is one of the best logos with hidden meaning. If you look closely at it, you can see an arrow that forms in the area between the letters “E” and “x”. The arrow is a symbol of speed and precision – two fundamental rules of the company.

Carrefour is one of the largest retailers in Europe. The company logo contains a symbol of the division of the world with two arrows pointing in opposite directions. The developers of this logo also added the initial letter of the company name to the image, and if you look better, you can see the letter “C” in the gap between the arrows.

Currently, the image of arrows enclosed in a square is considered fashionable. The arrows have also become the personification of the brand, which is currently the leader in the ranking of the most popular among consumers. The image for the Off-White brand is a redesigned logo for Glasgow Airport. It adds a proprietary black and white stripe section to complement the already completed terminal logo of four arrows, symbolizing the four possible directions of transportation. The alternating black and white beveled stripes in Off-White’s print are very informative and imply the image of urban markings, in this case urban clothing, street fashion that is simple and comfortable.

There are also companies that choose to create their logo images of animals. There are also logos with a crocodile. The reptile is a rather aggressive symbol in the classic display, unless the company is engaged in the production of things from its skin. One of the most famous clothing brands is Lacoste – the brand’s clothing logo is distinguished by the image of a green crocodile. In the early 1930s, when there was no talk of any Lacoste brand yet, the attention of the future founder of the company, Rene, was attracted by a suitcase made of crocodile skin in one of the shopping pavilions. The suitcase captivated him so much that he started a dispute with the captain of the French Davis Cup that if he won, the captain would have to buy a crocodile suitcase for him. After losing the match, René was given the nickname “alligator” by the American press. Later, the nickname was assigned to him thanks to the perseverance and tenacity of behavior on the court, where Lacoste never forgave the mistakes of his opponents. Rene sewed an image of a crocodile onto his clothes and everyone has already recognized that the image of a crocodile has taken root.

Crocs shoe brand also chose a crocodile for its logo. Currently, the concept of the logo has changed: as a result of rebranding, the familiar image of a crocodile enclosed in a circle has turned into a recognizable shoe silhouette, which, thanks to the holes characteristic of the brand, resembles the face of a crocodile. Contrary to historical perceptions as “ugly” shoes, Crocs have recently gained popularity in fashion industry circles.

Commercial organizations prefer images of more attractive representatives of the animal world as a material for creating a logo. Despite this, crocodiles can be a great symbol for sports teams, Louisiana Ice Gators, Florida Gators, Florida Everblades are prime examples of this.

Whatever symbols companies choose to create their brand logo, it undoubtedly resonates with consumers. It can be both delight and ardent protest. Therefore, when creating a logo for your company, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons, taking into account the nuances of semantics, as well as the goals and objectives of the company as a whole.

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