6 Ways A Honeymoon In Southern California Can Change Your Life

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Few parts of the world attract as much attention for their beautiful landscape, cozy climate, and diverse culture as Southern California. We’re not saying SoCal is a perfect paradise – far from it – but compared to the best places on the planet, it consistently ranks among the top ten.

With this in mind, those thinking about planning a honeymoon in Southern California but haven’t done so yet should consider how such an awe-inspiring and world-famous region can alter the way they think and feel. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the following six ways a honeymoon in Southern California could potentially change your life:

Activating Your Inner Artist

From the gorgeous scenery to the interesting people, many folks find themselves inspired by the sights and sounds of Southern California. It can be overwhelming to the point of epiphany, driving many men and women to pursue artistic passions and creative projects. Whether it’s learning how to become a graphic designer, enrolling in film school, or simply writing short stories in your spare time, don’t be surprised by a sudden urge to become a creator of some kind.

Blossoming Your Inner Beach Bum

From Santa Barbara north of L.A. to Chula Vista south of San Diego, the entire coast of Southern California is dotted with beautiful beaches. The Pacific Ocean breeze and picturesque SoCal shore will draw even the most hydrophobic travelers to sink their toes into warm sands and saltwater. Who knows? You might take up swimming, surfing, or even scuba diving.

If you and your spouse want to add a little romance to your Southern California honeymoon, perhaps you’ll enjoy a picnic on the beach as you watch the sunset and light your sparklers for wedding send off.

Creating Greater Awareness of Nature

Did you know one of the reasons Hollywood became the movie capital of the world was its proximity to a diverse array of landscapes? Southern California is one of the few places on the planet where you can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon. If you plan your day carefully, you could even go on a quick nature hike in between. All this geographical and biological diversity can leave you and your partner with a newfound sense of appreciation for the natural world.

Developing You Into A Disney Fanatic

The Happiest Place on Earth isn’t for everyone, but if someone named Grumpy can have a good time, then anything is possible! A trip to the original Disneyland in Anaheim is a borderline religious experience for existing Disney fanatics. But for others, a day or two spent enjoying Disneyland and its sister park Disney California Adventure leaves them reliving childhood joys they never thought possible.

It’s not unusual for someone in their 30s, 40s, or 50s to transform into a Mickey-ears-wearing, Mickey-bar-eating superfan once they enter the front gates of Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. After dark, couples will be amazed by how the moonlight, stars, 36 inch sparklers, and fireworks illuminate the nighttime skies.

Enriching Your Diet

The agricultural sector in California is a driving force of the state economy, producing a significant portion of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and wines consumed across the United States. Living near the source of over 400 commodity crops means having access to a wide variety of fresh produce. The result is an enriched diet, one that many couples take with them after their California honeymoon has ended. While it might not be as easy to access fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables in other parts of the world, an appreciation for new ingredients and the flavors they bring will lead to healthier eating going forward.

Forcing You To Rethink Driving

Now for a less flattering but nevertheless eye-opening experience resulting from time spent in Southern California: the out-of-control reliance on motor vehicle transportation. While we hate to end on a sour note, it’s hard to ignore the amount of time one spends driving when living in Southern California. From morphing into a parking spot hawk to mastering ways to stay sane in rush hour traffic, the car culture of SoCal will leave many people rethinking the way they drive and the impact so much driving has on the environment and their wellbeing.

Whether honeymooning for a weekend or staying for a month, time spent in Southern California is sure to leave a lasting impact on newlywed couples. From inspiring you to pursue new paths to making you question your eating habits, there’s no shortage of lasting impressions to be made from experiencing what SoCal has to offer.

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