What should you put on over absorbent underwear?

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If you are going to wear absorbent underwear while you are working, visiting friends, shopping, or just hanging out at home, it is a good idea to put on something over the underwear to protect your clothes and skin. There are a number of different things you can use as a protective covering, and some of them are more effective than others. The choices you make can help you feel more comfortable and confident as you go about your regular activities. They can also minimize the risk of embarrassing leaks or other issues that can negatively affect your day.

Regular Fitted Underwear

Many people choose to wear regular underwear over absorbent undergarments. These can include briefs, boxers, panties, or any style of full-cut underwear. While these do not provide much protection against leaks or similar issues, they can smooth the appearance of adult diapers, help them fit more securely, and give you a sense of confidence knowing that no one will be able to see them if your shirt raises or your waistband gapes a little bit. Women can also certainly wear pantyhose or tights over absorbent undergarments with ease.

High-Waisted Pants With a Generous Cut

In most cases, absorbent underwear has a larger silhouette than other types and may show above the waistband of low-cut or hip hugger pants. When you decide what to put on over them, choose high-waisted jeans or trouser designs with a slightly more generous or larger cut. First, this allows for the additional bulkiness of absorbent undergarments. Second, it helps camouflage their shape and size more effectively as you move throughout your day.

You do not have to give up your personal sense of style just because you have trouble with urinary incontinence. However, a few adjustments may help you feel more confident. Also consider wearing shirts or sweaters that lay outside your waistband instead of tucking them in all the time. Not only is this more comfortable, but this choice is very in style these days.

Thicker and Darker Fabrics Help

Finally, it makes sense to opt for thicker and darker colored fabrics for your pants when you are also wearing adult diapers or absorbent underwear. Thicker fabric like denim, twill, and Candace can help retain the shape better and can camouflage some of the sounds that may be noticeable when you bend and move wearing these undergarments.

Also, darker colors hide shadows and leaks much more effectively. Pair of white silk pants or beige gabardine trousers increase the risk of embarrassing accidents while you are out and about. Black is always a great option that goes with any color, pattern, or style shirt.

There is no need to be embarrassed about wearing absorbent underwear if you need the extra protection they provide. However, it is understandable that you want to minimize their appearance and remove the risk of detection or leaks so you feel your most confident. Wearing a pair of regular underwear, pants with more coverage, and darker and thicker fabrics can help you achieve these goals.

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