New to Blackjack? Here’s How to Play

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Blackjack is an iconic game, and there are no two ways about it. Whether you’ve ever played it or not, it’s likely a name that you recognize, putting it up there with other classics like poker and chess. However, part of what draws people to blackjack, in particular, is in its ability to be so engaging while also operating off of a very simple ruleset, making it easy to pick up and get started.

So, if you’re new to blackjack and you’re looking to get started – fear not. Once you’ve brushed up on the rules, you’ll quickly be in a position to either start dealing cards or getting dealt them – adding this classic game to your list of favorites.

The Aim of the Game

As with many games, each card of your typical pack of playing cards has a value. Two through ten are self-explanatory, the ace can either be one or eleven, depending on your own preference in the given situation, and the three face cards are also ten. Each player starts by being dealt two cards by the dealer, and from that point on, your turn consists of deciding whether or not you want to be dealt another card. The aim is to get your value as close to twenty-one as possible, with the number itself being the optimum target. However, if you go over that value, you’re instantly disqualified.

Now, as with many games, there might be certain variations in the rules depending on where you play. The biggest of these that you might see in blackjack is whether or not certain combinations of cards carry more value than others (such as an ace and a jack being the most desirable outcome).

Where to Play

Once you understand, you might be curious about where you can start to play. Of course, as all you need is a pack of playing cards, you might find that you can simply invite some friends over in order to play, but you have other, more dedicated options as well. One example is that of casinos, which will often have a table dedicated to this game due to its popularity. Taking the time to venture to such a venue isn’t always feasible, though, and in that case, you might prefer to download a blackjack app that can allow you to play in any environment you see fit. 

Learning Through Experience

While understanding the rules is one thing, you might want to have more hands-on experience before you start playing with other people – especially if money is going to be involved. Fortunately for you, due to the very direct nature of the game, it’s easy to start practicing in your own company – provided you have a deck of cards handy. Try dealing yourself a few hands, and get a feel for when it’s safe to take an extra card and how comfortable you are with the general rhythm. However, when it comes to blackjack, you might find that you often have to take risks in order to win, and the biggest deciding factor will be whether or not luck is on your side. 

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