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Are you a Nintendo switch fan? Are you a Nintendo fan at all? If you love Nintendo, buying the video game console is an absolute must. The Nintendo Switch was released worldwide in 2017, and it is a tablet that can either be docked for use as a home console or used as a portable device.

This is why the Nintendo Switch is a good option for a casual gamer as well. It is a good investment because you can use it as a handheld console and home console, without buying two separate devices. If you are part of the gaming world, this hardware is the way to go.

And when you have the console, you need video games, right? Lots of them! Well, Dekudeals is a website that can help you score some cheap games.

What is it?

Deku Deals tracks the prices of Nintendo Switch games on the eShop and at major retailers in order to find the best deals for you. Here is a fun fact for you. There are currently 4368 video games you can play on your Nintendo console.

Sounds like a lot? They are divided into genres like Adventure, action, role playing, visual novel, fighting, turn-based tactics, party, puzzle, rhythm, sports, survival, strategy, and many more.

It can be exhausting to look for all the best games, and then even try to find a cheap deal for your favorite game. Well, Dekudeals takes the challenge of it and finds it for you. You pay less money, and you do not have to worry about browsing thousands of games.

You can set a reminder. You can be notified when the games you want go on sale. When you sign up, you add games to your wishlist, and then wait for the email that says the games go on sale.

The Dekudeals website doesn’t sell your personal information, do not worry about it. But they do use affiliate links and earn commission from certain risks. But that doesn’t affect your purchase or the price you may pay.

Michael Fairley was the one who came up with this website. And we can thank him for saving us a lot of money.

Why do Fans Love it?

Here is a fun fact. Deku Deals is on Reddit, and they constantly ask fans how they can improve the website.

There is a subreddit post where fans can submit ideas, and the website actually implements some of them.

Over the past years, some of the suggestions include:

  • Automatically remove a game from the wishlist when you add it to your collection
  • See prices and receive notifications for deals in multiple regions
  • Filter for cooperative multiplayer
  • Notify me when a game on the wishlist appears
  • Option to select multiple games before hiding them or moving them to collection
  • Search and filter by publisher
  • Rating system and polls from those who own the game
  • Price drop prediction
  • Game calendar

And so on. Of course, some of these features were already available, and some were made available later. But you can see the interaction between the DekuDeals website and its fans. That kind of interaction is what keeps the business going. And fans coming back for more of it.

Why it is better than using the eShop?

As we said before, there are many games on the Nintendo Switch. And the eShop always has some of them that are on discounts. You can browse to pick gifts for the holidays or take advantage of the deals itself. But doing that on the Nintendo Switch eShop is almost impossible because the application crashes, and no matter how much you refine your filters, you might get the same results.

Using Deku Deals website instead helps you integrate the good parts of the Nintendo eShop, but without the crashes. The Nintendo Switch website integrates many websites and historical pricing information about each game listing, including:

  • Meta critic score
  • Product listings for multiple retailers
  • Histogram of price history
  • How long to beat time reports

And more. But the best part is Deku Deals has features that the eShop lacks, including additional filters, search features, the ability to hide individual games, multiple, nameable, and shareable wishlists, and more.

How to Find the Best Deal?

Now, how can you score the best deal at a deals website? Well, it is a matter of filtering and searching for the best results.

The first thing you need to do is sign up. And then, when you open the website, you will get some questions. Answering them will provide Deku Deals with information about what you want to see.

The first thing the website asks you is what console do you own? But because it is a Nintendo switch, it is already checked.

Then, you have to select which games you want to see. Do you want to see all games? Or do you want to filter, including digital games only, physical games only, PlayStation 5 Beta, PlayStation 4 beta, Xbox Series X|S Beta, Xbox one beta, and more.

When you log in the next time, you can adjust your wishlist and collection. What are those? Well, your wishlist is all the games you want to get. When you add them, you will get notified when your favorite game goes on sale and you can purchase it for a lower price.

Collection is a feature that keeps track of the games you already own. This way, Deku Deals doesn’t suggest a sale for something you already own. And by looking at the games you own, the website might make some suggestions for games in the same genre.

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