Top 8 Dubai Travel Tips

Over the last several decades, Dubai, UAE, has developed into a travel hotspot. The luxurious, stylish city attracts visitors for the culture, architecture, and endless attractions. It has everything from a bustling metropolis, to magnificent sand dunes and clean beaches.

Dubai is a unique place, and it’s important to research laws and etiquette guidelines before traveling there. Check out these travel tips that will help you plan and enjoy your trip to Dubai.

1. Utilize Professional Drivers

Dubai is a large, busy city, and it can be stressful to drive a rental car. Consider using professional driving services to help your trip go smoothly.

The legal alcohol limit in the UAE for drivers is zero. To help you avoid legal issues, hire a sober driver in Dubai.

2. Only Drink Alcohol in a Licensed Venue

While non-Muslims are legally allowed to drink alcohol, they must do so in a licensed venue. These venues, typically in hotels, are an excellent place to relax and enjoy your vacation.

It is illegal for all people to drink alcohol in public.

3. Do Not Bring Or Buy Drugs

The possession of drugs can result in a life sentence in prison in the UAE. Even a trace amount of drugs is considered a possession in Dubai. Do not take the risk and skip the use of all drugs.

4. Visit in the Winter

The Middle East is very hot from April to September. To avoid this intense heat, visit in the winter months. The weather will be cool but not cold, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Winter is the busy season for tourists, especially around the Christmas holidays. If you are concerned with crowds, do not choose to visit in December or early January.

5. Dress Appropriately

While Dubai is considered a progressive, modern city in the Middle East, it is still conservative by Western standards. Keep this in mind when packing your suitcase for the trip. Women should be mindful of the length of skirts and shorts. As well as how tight or flashy their outfits are.

Dressing modestly is viewed to be respectful of the Muslim culture in the country.

6. Check For Holidays

Before choosing the dates of your holiday, be mindful of holidays.

For instance, if you visit during the month of Ramadan, you can’t eat, drink or smoke in public between sunrise and sunset. You can eat in your hotel room and in certain tourist-targeted restaurants, enjoying food and beverages during the day will not be as comfortable as a non-holiday.

7. Know The Dont’s

When visiting the UAE, it is crucial to be aware of the laws and guidelines. Behaving in a way they consider unmodest or inappropriate could land you a fine or in jail. To prevent legal issues, abide by the following laws:

  • Do not eat or drink on public transportation.
  • Do not swear in public.
  • No hand gestures, including middle finger, thumbs up, and okay sign.
  • No public displays of affection.
  • Do not take photos of strangers.

8. Plan Ahead

While Dubai has something for any budget, flights and accommodations can be expensive if not booked several months in advance. To get the best rates, book flights 6 months in advance and lodging 2-3 months ahead of your trip.

Final Thoughts

Dubai may seem like an overwhelmingly different designation, but that is part of its allure. Experience the tallest building in the world, world-class shopping, culture, and history, all in one unique place. If you are mindful of the cultural etiquette and don’t break any laws, you will have a flawless, beautiful trip to Dubai.