Top 10 eSports Teams In Fortnite

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If you are wondering who the top 10 teams in Fortnite are, you’re about to find out! The ten teams listed below are the best at this incredibly fun and popular game in North America, according to statistics gathered by Fortnite Pedia. History, rosters, and other interesting information for the top teams are also listed, if available. 

#1 Team 33

4 times FNCS champions as of 2022, Team 33 is without doubt the leading esports organization in Fortnite right now. Team 33 is based in Hollywood California and is currently #1 in both North America and South America. The team made headlines in 2021 by signing the youngest Fornite player ever, 8-year-old player Joseph Deen. Deen has practiced Fornite with the team roster since he was only six! Team 33 is known to scout for talent by organizing free and self-hosted Fortnite tournaments

#2 FLu Esports

FLu Esports was founded in August 2019, beginning as a friend group belonging to the owner BLiZ. In January 2021, BLiZ and Sparks brought in the brand and started a team involving Esports. As of June 2021, FLu Esports has been registered and licensed in Wisconsin as an Esports Organization. Today, it is signing and advising Fortnite players all over the US. 

#3 Elite Esports


Elite Esports is a North American gaming team which we couldn’t find much info about since they don’t seem to have a website nor any media coverage. However, we know from Fortnite Pedia’s statistics that they are a strong contender in the Fortnite game. Some of its pro Fortnite players include: Neeqo, Plege, Jivi, Npen, PXMP, DeathNYC, Gold, Playify. 

#4 Witness The Journey

Witness The Journey is another Fornite powerhouse. The North American gaming team has the following players signed up: Zaire, PumpzFn, Kxvin1x, Drpahks, Staticc, Delta (NAW Player), Echo, Wunkz, Buzzo, Teensy18, Qasruh24k, Buildz, Fruit, Rush, Highr, Reminisciin, CreepWtf, Wvol, Combat, Mada, Jeren.

#5 Ignite Beyond

Ignite Beyond is an Esports Fortnite organization that is growing quickly. It mostly focuses on generating the highest-quality content. Ignite Beyond is about competitive gaming, apparel, and entertainment. 

Its mission is to offer a positive and instructive environment for Fornite players to network, create innovative content, and develop their gaming skills. 

#6 Fusion eSports

Fustin eSports was founded by Major League baseball player Jhoulys Chacin. His aim is to promote the growing community of Fortnite players who speak Spanish. 

#7 NRG Esports.NA 

NRG Esports.NA is a professional Esports organization in the US that was founded in 2015. NRG Esports is led by several people who played in the Major Leagues and NBA. There also are advisors from major corporations including Apple, NBC, and IBM. 

At this time, NRG has teams competing in Fortnite and other games, including Dragon Ball Fighterz, For Honor, Hearthstone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Smite, and Super Smash Bros. 

#8 Matrix Gaming

Matrix Gaming is a new gaming team that is always looking to grow and compete for the highest level gameplay and putting out the best possible content. 

As far as content goes, Matrix Gaming says they look for people who have skills in gaming, video editing, Photoshop, and leadership. 

#9 Team 33 Gaming Academy

In March 2021, Team 33 announced that it had signed Weston Sockwell, 14. Sockwell received a $33,000 upfront payment that came from him winning Team 33’s initial Fortnite tournament. He joined Team 33 as 33Weston. 

Weston is a teenager but has played Fortnite for years. He’s from the UK and first was interested in playing soccer, but turned to video games when he discovered he was such a good player. His father has always encouraged his son to be the best, and he’s definitely in the mix with Fortnite. 

The team also announced in 2021 that it started a plan to set up gaming tournaments to find the most talented players for various games. Fornite was the first one that the team focused on. More tournaments are planned for the future. 

#10 Team Pulsar

Team Pulsar was established by a group of high school students who were just having fun and making a variety of videos. Little did the group of friends know they would become one of the most successful Esports teams in all of gaming. 

Team Pulsar has been making videos for over a year and their top goal is to stress positivity and love to all people. 

As Fortnite continues to grow in popularity, you can bet that the Fortnite teams mentioned here are hard at work finding the best players in the world. Perhaps with a lot of practice and training, you can be recruited by a professional esports team!

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