How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)?

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Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist or a CRNA can open up a lot of doors for you when it comes to a high-paying and rewarding career. Many medical facilities will hire you to fulfill the roles there and you have a chance to take care of your patients along the way.

Before you can become a CRNA, you need to have the right training and education to get it done. Some of the ways that you can become a CRNA include:

Get a BSN

The first step that you need to take is to get your BSN as a registered nurse. There is a good deal of schooling that one must go through to become a CRNA, and the first step is to get a bachelor’s degree. Make sure that you are choosing the right one for your future aspirations to ensure you get the right training.

You can choose different options to help you get the BSN and start as a registered nurse. Some of these will include:

  • If you are new to nursing, you can go through with the BSN program and work on becoming a nurse for the first time. These programs help students become Registered Nurses and get prepared to attend a graduate nursing program if they so choose.
  • If you are already a Registered nurse through your work and other certifications, then you can work on an accelerated BSN online program to help get it done. This will fit around your schedule while helping you prepare for your new job.
  • If you have a degree, but it is in a different field, you may be able to get some of these credits transferred over to speed up the completion of the BSN.

Once you are done with the BSN, you will need to get the necessary licenses for your state, and then you can start to practice as a registered nurse. This will open a lot of doors for you and can help you to put some of your new skills to work.

Go for a Master’s Degree

The next step is for you to work on gaining more experience and pursue a master’s degree that will help you be prepared for the hardships that can come with being a CRNA. After you work in an emergency room of a hospital or an ICU for at least two years, you will be ready to go on for your master’s degree.

These programs can take between 24 to 36 months for you to complete, but you will need to have a BSN first. If you do not have the BSN, then add that to the list as well because it must be done before you can get started on the master’s degree.

Take your time to find the right program for your needs. There are many options that you can choose that are online, so you are not just limited by your physical presence at the time. Check that the college has a good reputation and you will be able to get a good job when you are done.

Be prepared to see that your chosen program will often have clinical practice near you so that you can get that part of the process done. You have to get plenty of practice to do your job well.

There are different options that you can choose for accreditation, but the most prominent option is the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs. A nursing school that has this accreditation will provide a high-quality education that will help you to be prepared for everything in the world of nursing before you get your degree.

Get Your Certification

Once you are done with all of the schoolings above, it is time to learn how to get certified as a nurse anesthetist too. No one will be able to hire you without this certification to show that you know your stuff. This means that you will need to pass the National Certification Examination.

Not everyone will pass this on their first try. It is estimated that about 84% of students will be able to pass on one try. You will also need to recertify every four years through the Continued Professional Certification Program. It may be a good idea to practice and do some test exams to make sure that you are prepared.

Depending on the course of your education, you may need to get other certifications as well. Take all of these seriously and check when they need to be renewed. You can then present the certifications to a potential employer when they are ready to hire you for an open position.

Start Your Career

Once you are done with two degrees and the necessary certification, you will be able to start your rewarding career as a CRNA. There are many great companies and medical facilities that will want to work with you and utilize your skills to help their patients. And with only a few people with the right skills and education, you will be able to find the right job for you.

Take the time to shop around and find a great job for your needs. You have the education and the skills necessary to do well in this position and many will need a position filled with those skills. You can choose the location, the type of facility, and more as you get started in your new career as a CRNA. Also, the awesome salary of CRNAs is a strong draw for those considering being a nurse anesthetist.

Becoming a CRNA

There are a lot of reasons that studying to be a CRNA is a good idea, but it does take some work and is not as easy as it seems sometimes. With the right education and the necessary certifications in your area, you will find that a CRNA is a great career for you. Look at some of the steps above to see how you can become a CRNA today.

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