How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Article?

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How to get more recognition and reach on LinkedIn? The answer is — through LinkedIn articles. The platform allows creating and sharing long posts showing your expertise and reaching bigger and different audiences.

It is a powerful way for marketers and companies to attract the target market’s attention and generate new leads. The automated LinkedIn marketing tool can significantly help in that.

How to create an article that will be well-received by the readers and get excellent exposure on the platform? There are some tips for creating killer content on LinkedIn.

Quality content

Let’s first observe the essentials. The quality of the content is the most significant component.

Think carefully of what you are planning to talk about, use your knowledge and expertise to spread the content that will be interesting to your readers.

Check out trending posts and see what your followers usually share. Through these activities, you will find what users are currently interested in. Don’t post anything for quantity or just to close the task. It is better to share quality, professional articles with good insights that people most likely read and repost.

Another critical point — is to use the right and proper voice and language. Avoid using unknown terminology and numbers that will make the article hard to understand.

Remember that quality sells. That’s why this item is the most imperative here. Sales people know that preliminary quality content can make a good impression of the brand and make the potential customer more loyal to the further first touch and follow-ups. Building the sequences of messages to their clients, sellers love to mention some content occasions. If you are one of them, add the LinkedIn sales tool to your toolkit and be the best.

Include videos and images

Break the sheet of plain text with images and videos. Visually imagery content divides the article into sequential and logical parts, making it easier to look through. Plus, it provides additional information and supports the article.

In analytical posts, use infographics and charts. In op-eds, you can include more entertaining content. This way, you make your articles more engaging for readers, keeping their attention.

Make catchphrase visible

In the feed, readers will see only the first two sentences from the article. Your goal is to put a catchy phrase there and grab their attention.

Here is the tip: use the hidden text technique — write a catchy sentence, then skip some lines. Thus, only the first sentence will be displayed.

You can ask questions or make the statement provocative, so people want to know the rest.

Select the right time to publish

Usually, people are more active on social media during several slots throughout the day:

  • During the first half of standard working hours — 10 am to 1 pm: people observe the feed, look for news, inspiration, and do research before starting their work.
  • Office commute times — 7-9 am and 6-8 pm: people spend a lot of time scrolling through feeds on their way to the office or while going back home.

Pay attention that those periods are only suggestions. It is also recommended to try different times for publishing and evaluate the response rate for every post. This way, you can indicate the best option with the highest activity.

Here, you can’t just avoid the issue of frequency. Getting the exposure depends on your ability to stay consistent and post often. Schedule your publications and follow the content plan.

Get featured on channels

If you manage to get your article featured on any channel, you will get an amazing opportunity to reach thousands of people. Today the most popular channels are for Management, Innovation, Technology, Social Media.

Observe them and see if you have anything related to share. Your insights with good research, anecdotes, and practical examples have a high chance to be well-received.

See what others publish

When creating your own article, it is good to check what other creators say. Exploring the feed will bring inspiration and new ideas. What is more, interaction with these posts will attract their authors who might check your content and share it with their network. For this purpose, it is vital to build connections and be active on the platform. If you are unable to do so regularly, connect Linked Helper, which will automate critical processes. You can use it to set the automated likes and comments for posts. It will help you with communications and improve content management. Take a look at Linked Helper prices and make your best decision ever.


As you see, just writing a good article is not enough. Its exposure depends on the way you will present and distribute it. The life cycle of the content on media platforms can be divided into several parts: its creation, publication, and further interaction. So check out the comments and listen to readers, to make improvements and enhance your articles.
LinkedIn articles boost not only sales and marketing goals but can be a robust approach to the hiring process automation.

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