How to Start a Career as a Gaming Streamer

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If you were always ahead of the pack with your gaming skills and you have a vibrant personality, then becoming a gaming streamer could be a great career choice for you. It is a very competitive field, but, if you have what it takes and strategize properly, you could either earn a full or part-time income through streaming. If this is something that always intrigued you, here is exactly what you need to get your career started.

Look at the Landscape

The first thing we suggest that you do is check out some of your favourite streamers and what they’re doing. Look at how they format their videos, what type of content works the best for them, their setup, etc. You should also consider niching down to get a better chance at standing out.

If you wanted to play some sports games, for instance, then you could try playing more obscure sports, like hockey or rugby. If you want to play MOBA or FPS games, then try finding games that are underrated but gaining traction. This will allow you to reach part of the larger community while catering to fans of these games.

Start Working on a Setup

If you want to start streaming, you will need to start looking for a PC for gaming and streaming, a good camera, lighting, and other accessories. Usually, you wouldn’t need that strong of a processor for a gaming PC, but you will need a strong CPU this time since you’ll be doing a lot of editing, and streaming puts a lot of pressure on the CPU.

The way your room looks will be extremely important as well, so be ready to spend a pretty penny on your decor. In addition to support lighting, you might want to invest in LED panels or strips and spend money on high-quality paint.

Set Up Your Accounts

Most streamers stream both on YouTube and Twitch, but you can stream on Twitch only and make good money. Set up your Twitch account and make sure that your description is optimised and represents you. You should also start following some of your favourite streamers. You will need to get a Discord account so you can get active in the community, and a Reddit account so you can showcase your videos.

Start Streaming

Once you have everything set up, you should start streaming right away. Don’t be afraid and don’t wait until everything is perfect.

The most important part at the beginning is consistency. This is the time to learn and hopefully start building an audience.

Do not worry if things are slow at the beginning. Many streamers didn’t get popular until they got a big break, so you could get little to no reactions on your first videos and have one of them suddenly go viral. So, keep working on your craft and be patient at the beginning.

This is all you need to do if you want to start as a professional streamer. If you have the skills and personality and are ready to put the work in, it’s only a matter of time before you get discovered and hopefully turn your hobby into a source of income.

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