What to Wear to a Wedding

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Are you often at a loss when it comes time to choose something to wear to a wedding? It’s always exciting to get your invitation in the mail but figuring out what to wear can be rather stressful. However, dress codes don’t always need to be difficult. If you combine the information provided with your invite or on the couple’s wedding website, with your knowledge regarding the setting – and then toss in a few styling tips – you’ll be able to be the most well-dressed person there, except for the bride. Here’s a quick look at what to wear in a few different settings.

Black Tie Wedding With a High-End Venue

When you’re going to a black-tie wedding in this type of venue, you might want to straddle the line between white and black tie. For example, if the wedding happens to be at someplace like the New York Public Library, it’ll be formal, and men need to make sure they’re wearing a tux. When it comes to the women, check out some regular or plus size wedding outfits and find yourself a floor-length gown. It won’t necessarily need to be a gown that’s structured for a white tie event, but it needs to be regal and elegant. Heels are a necessity.

Semi-Formal Wedding at a Hotel

For a wedding at this type of venue, you’ll want to keep your wedding outfit crisp. The semi-formal facet allows you to dress down a bit from black-tie, but only a bit. Men might wear a crisp white button-down shirt and a suit. Women could wear a pencil dress that’s form-fitting or a dress that’s tea-length. When you’re planning your look, think drinks after work – somewhere in the midst of cocktail and business attire.

Backyard Outdoor Casual Wedding

Weddings of this nature tend to be more fun and your attire should match. Even though you’ll need to prepare for bad weather, consider a playful, short dress in lighter colors depending on the season. You might even want to wear flats if the wedding is to be uber casual or in the grass. Don’t wear anything you’ll hate to get dirty, and if rain is expected, don’t wear suede. Also, if rain is in the forecast, you may want to bring an additional pair of shoes.

Beach Wedding

These can be the most fun weddings of all. If you’re wondering what to wear to a beach wedding, go with something light and airy. Try a crochet skirt paired with a silk cami, or a maxi dress. Make sure it’s elegant but simple. Don’t go overboard with the layers and wear flats or some other type of shoe you can easily take off when you’re in the sand. Try not to overdo any accessories. A beach wedding calls for a look that’s natural and light.

Mountain Rustic Chic Wedding

Weddings in the mountains can be rather chilly after dark, so bring a jacket. If you’ll be wearing formal attire and wish to adhere to the theme, you may want to incorporate some cowboy boots or a suede belt. You may want to wear a dress that has a bell sleeve or a cocktail dress, or even a crepe dress that falls just above the knee if it’ll be more of a casual affair.

When it comes to determining your outfit for a wedding, dig deep into your closet to determine what your options are. If it seems that everyone you know has wedding fever, look for a few basics you’ll be able to mix and match. Don’t feel as if you’re limited to dresses and skirts either. Tailored suits and jumpsuits are also great options.

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