Pro B Dexterous: Keeping the Spirit of Boxing Alive

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“In boxing, you create a strategy to beat each new opponent. It’s just like chess.”- Lennox Lewis

Boxing is a great sport as it comes with several benefits. Still, most importantly, boxing is a sport that can be considered a metaphor for life. There are many physiological and philosophical reasons why boxing should be kept alive. The physiological reasons comprise physiological benefits such as developing muscular endurance, increasing heart rate, etc. The philosophical reasons include how the sport of boxing stands as a metaphor for life. Brion Doyle, known as Pro B Dexterous, seems to reflect on all the reasons why the sport of boxing should be kept alive through his example. 

Popularly known as Professor B Dexterous, Brion Doyle was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Pro is an Amateur Boxing Coach. Not only this, but he is also a U.S Air Force veteran, a community activist, a decorated educator, and a spiritual advisor. Pro displays a profound understanding of all the reasons why the sport of boxing must be kept alive. Pro truly understands that boxing is a metaphor for life. He expresses it through GLOW where he focuses on generating light outward from within. 

Pro became a fan of boxing in the year 1987 when he was only seven years old. The passion for boxing sprouted in his heart when he watched the Marvin Hagler vs. Sugar Ray Leonard Super Fight. It was a time when he would be seen rooting for Sugar Ray because he admired his fighting style and exceptional showmanship. Pro grew up wanting to be just like him, a handsome, gifted, charismatic, stylish, and articulate superstar and was a legendary prizefighter. Pro has always wanted to serve the world his gift of teaching through his passion for prizefighting. 

Through his example, Pro illustrates how boxing is a metaphor for life. There are many distinct ways in which people can relate to boxing. It is important to note that that the sport of boxing is indeed filled with gems that one can apply to one’s daily life. Following are some parallels that one may find between boxing and life:

1. One Gets What One Puts In

Boxing, much like life, reveals who put in the critical, hard work and who did just enough to get through it all. Boxing and life both reveal if someone could put in their hard work or do enough to get through it all.

2. Respect is Earned and Not Given

Even though the traditional concept associated with respect is that it must first be given to then receive it afterward. However, most of the time in life and all the time in boxing, respect needs to be earned irrespective of whether one gives it or not. In boxing, respect means that the opponent must “respect” the outcome of wanting to take part in one’s assault. Fighters are usually encouraged by fans and trainers to get their ‘respect.’ Just the way that respect is important in boxing, it is a crucial aspect of everyday life as well.

3. Having one’s Corner

All of the successful fighters in boxing have a superior corner. This rule does not change, ever. A similar concept is necessary to have in life as well. Everyone needs someone who will criticize them, encourage them, and hold them accountable to grow.

The reasons mentioned above are just some reasons why boxing should be kept alive in life. Despite being an important sport, boxing comes with its own set of pros and cons. For instance, one of the advantages of boxing is that it reduces stress. Taking part in even one boxing session each week can help people alleviate their anxiety, stress, and depression. Not only this, but boxing is also a great sport to play with friends. It is also an excellent way to make new friends. The boxing gym is indeed a great place to meet like-minded people. The advantages of taking part in boxing range from being an excellent workout to improving self-confidence, being fun, developing muscular endurance, and enhancing people’s cardiovascular system. 

Despite the several benefits of boxing, it also comes with its disadvantages, much like all sports. One of the disadvantages of boxing is that it can make people more violent. Also, it can injure and hurt people if they partake in sparring. Still, with all its disadvantages as well, boxing is one sport that is worth everything. It is a great sport for anyone looking to improve their fitness and have fun along the way.

Furthermore, the better people get in boxing, the more enjoyable the movements and the flow becomes. For all these reasons, the sport of boxing should be kept alive. Brion Doyle, also known as Pro, is one person who is trying his best to keep the sport alive. 

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