Don’t Let Stress Control You

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Stress is something you deal with on a daily basis. As much as you’d like to avoid it, doing so is impossible. Because of that, you need to decide: are you going to let it consume you or are you going to learn how to cope with it?

There are different types of stress. Some stress can be a driving force that motivates and spurs you on to do better or achieve more. On the other hand, there is stress that can be debilitating and makes things you typically enjoy, unenjoyable. That is the type of stress you need to learn how to manage.

There are quite a few different things you can do to manage your stress. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you can talk to people you trust about what works for them. By taking a customer experience approach (bridging the gap between expectations and the reality of how well it works), you can try what methods work for those close to you. Barring that, you could try out other recommended methods mentioned below.

Strategies For Stress

When you feel your stress levels starting to rise, there are a few different things you can do to lower it almost immediately. Start by focusing on your breathing. Take slow, concentrated breaths; inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Count to 3 as you take a breath, hold it for a second, then count down from 3 as you exhale. As you are concentrating on your breathing, your stress will slowly start to fade.

Exercise is a known outlet for stress. If you aren’t in the mood for an intense cardio session, a peaceful walk can work wonders. Just being outside with the fresh air and change of scenery can help to calm your mind.

Relaxation Techniques

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of aromatherapy. Certain scents can alter brain waves that decrease stress levels. It can also help you to feel more energized, relaxed or more focused on the present moment. Regardless if you choose to use scented body products, candles or diffuse essential oils, they are all a part of aromatherapy.

Learn how to meditate. There are several free guided meditations available online. There is no monetary outlay; all you need is a quiet place. You can sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Concentrate on taking slow, deep breaths, and let your thoughts come and go freely.

Self Talk

How you talk to yourself has more of an impact on your mental and emotional well-being than you may realize. Don’t allow your inner voice to speak to you in a way you wouldn’t speak to others you care about. Constant negative self-talk undermines your self-esteem and feeling of self-worth. Learn how to respect yourself and cut out unnecessary stress.


When stress levels are high, it’s easy to focus on all the things that are going wrong. Unfortunately, that kind of focus is counterproductive. Work on changing your outlook on life. Take the time to recognize and celebrate all you have to be grateful for.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make on your stress levels if you keep negativity at bay. The best way to do this is to stay positive. Interact with people who support you and don’t bring unnecessary drama and conflict. Surround yourself with others who are lighthearted and fun to be around. Laughing is a surefire way to stay in a better mood for longer.

Learning how to recognize and manage stress in your life will help keep you healthier both mentally and physically. Try out the various techniques to stay in control of stress to keep stress from taking control of you.

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