These Are Good Transition Careers if You Can No Longer Do Construction Work

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Construction work is good and necessary work for the select few with the right skills and mentality to pull it off successfully. It is also a little like professional sports: You can do it when you are in the prime of your life. But it gets increasingly more difficult as you get older. Also like sports, it takes a pitiless toll on the body. You can only perform at the highest level for a relatively short period of time. Because it is the kind of work that doesn’t usually offer health benefits, you could be in for a lot of pain without a lot of relief.

The good news is if this is where you find yourself in the construction career you love, you don’t have to lose hope. It just might be time to climb down from the ladder and transition to another facet of the industry. Sports legends usually end up in the announcer’s booth. Sometimes, they move into coaching and other management positions. The same avenues of opportunity exist for construction workers who have to move on from the most punishing aspects of the labor. Here are a few of those transitional careers for you to consider:


There is no end to the architecture jobs available for the person with the right drive and skills. If you have the drive, the skills can be attained. We have had a season of natural disasters that has lasted for years rather than months. We only get a chance to catch our breath for a few moments before the next disaster hits. Much of the world is in what seems like a perpetual state of rebuilding. We need people who are able to think of better solutions who also understand the ins and outs of the construction process.

Architects are not the ones swinging the hammers. They are the ones who draw up the designs. This is a person who not only has an eye for aesthetics, but enough knowledge of geometry, physics, and engineering to design safe solutions that will also last. Today’s architect has access to far more building knowledge than the ones who designed the pyramids. We have learned how to build towers that can sway with the wind without toppling, and that can withstand earthquakes. We need more of that ingenuity for the challenges that face us today, and tomorrow. If you love construction and would like to go to the next level, opportunity awaits.


You can’t do construction work for decades without noticing and appreciating the landscape that is all around you. The good news is that you can not only start a new career in landscaping, you can start a landscaping empire! An amazing construction will not reach its potential if it is not on a piece of land that is designed by an expert and kept in pristine condition. If you want to tank the prospects of selling a building, just neglect the land it is on.

The opposite is also true. A grand house is not said to have grand house appeal. It is said to have curb appeal. A necessary part of rebuilding is restoring the land where disasters strike. The land makes it possible to reestablish streets and sidewalks and parks and welcoming, open spaces. You might have to climb down from the ladder to do landscaping. But it could be a major step up in your career.

Real Estate

One of the smoothest transitions from construction worker is real estate agent. You can even be a real estate agent online. No one knows more about the qualities of a home or building than one who has spent their lives building them. You know what good bones look like. You also know what to avoid in a property. It does not cost a lot of money and time to make the transition. When you do decide to make the leap, you will transition into a field that can help a lot of individuals and families fulfill a dream. Going from construction worker to dream-maker is a pretty good transition indeed.

Don’t allow a slipped disk to end your career journey. Make the transition into architecture, landscaping, or real estate.

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