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Social media marketing and its challenges

The development of information technologies has transferred many interactions into the digital world. The attachment, dependence, and addiction to the internet are justified by the convenience it brings to the lives of ordinary people but it forces businesses and even governments to modernize and restructure business models.

Today, companies build their marketing campaigns around social media networks. Unlike radio, television, and other previous communication methods, the internet helps businesses establish personalized connections and receive valuable feedback.

Modernization of marketing campaigns increases the reachability of a company. Because the transmission of data packets on the internet can extend to people all around the world, businesses can internationalize their products and services, as well as tap into regions that need them the most.

But just as modern marketing strategies improve the recognizability and communication between the customer and the brand, it creates new challenges that must be addressed to reap the benefits of personalized advertisement. Tech-oriented businesses that invest resources to discover the best solutions will accumulate enough knowledge and appeal to outperform competitors.

In this article, we will address the challenges that occur in social media marketing campaigns. A lot of marketing on such platforms revolves around the manipulation of automated robots to create an illusion of influence, interaction, and growth on company pages and channels. We will mainly talk about the issue some marketing agencies face: they need to manage hundreds of social media accounts for their clients. Operations that manipulate multiple accounts can be traced back to your IP address, informing the network that one entity is behind these groups and identities. While manipulating these accounts is not illegal, it violates the terms of service. If not careful, you can suddenly discover that your IP has been banned. To avoid such inconveniences, we will discuss the usage of proxy servers and their importance in social media marketing. Smartproxy – a reliable, business-oriented provider of proxies, offers blog articles about the use of such intermediary servers and how they can help you if your IP has been banned. Let’s take a deeper look at the challenges of social media marketing and the tools that help us conquer them!

Why do companies need multiple accounts?

While bigger businesses with a popular brand find no trouble getting a following on social media networks, most companies use multiple accounts to simulate user engagement and interaction between users interested in a product. Even if a business model shows great potential and offers services that are in high demand, the algorithms that present content to users of the platform follow the trends that highlight visible growth and relevant information. While most platforms run ads to increase the visibility of a web page, most internet users are attracted to pages that already show signs of success and genuine human interest.

To create perfect conditions to attract real customers, companies use multiple accounts to develop strategies that would appeal to offered services and information that follows them. There are millions of creative ways to simulate genuine appeal. For example, companies that sell photography equipment can ensure growth by manipulating social media accounts to create communities that like to express enthusiasm about their hobby and profession.

Manipulating multiple accounts is tricky

Even with a great social media marketing campaign, the train stops in its tracks when the networks trace created accounts to your IP address. The hypocrisy of the situation is pretty amusing: big tech companies that run social media platforms use algorithmic automation to collect data from the internet and speed up monotonous tasks but shun the usage of multiple accounts. Networks depend on real user data and while it may raise some red flags for advocates of internet anonymity and humane technology, fake account detection helps tech companies minimize harassment and spam coming from fake accounts.

Social media marketing with proxy servers

The banning of IP addresses associated with multiple accounts has its advantages, as well as alarming concerns. Thankfully, a good proxy provider helps companies bypass any limitations that limit their social media marketing strategies. The management of a network that consists of multiple accounts is successful when its connections are diversified.

Even if accounts create automated posts that may not look like an interaction coming from a real user, distancing them from your main IP address greatly reduces their chances of getting banned.

A business-oriented proxy server provider can offer a variable pool of addresses that will help you build the perfect social media network for your company. With more IPs, businesses can speed up the growth of channels and pages to attract real users that might become long-term clients.

Well-structured social media marketing campaigns create networks that attract and encourage potential customers to get involved in discussions and interactions with content that advertises your brand. Scalability helps us refine and improve the false sense of community to slowly transform it into reality. Proxy servers give a strong base for fake accounts that prevents detection. Also, because their IPs can come from many different countries around the world, connecting to social media networks through an intermediary server also offers a view of the content presented in another region, which can help analyze competitors in different countries and even uncover opportunities for expansion and localization. Proxy servers make fake accounts look far more real on these platforms, and the flexibility of proxies can also protect other business activities, such as data aggregation of web server stabilization.