K.C Fox, Bringing Light to The Social Atrocities of The World

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In the present world, it would not be exaggeration to consider the current society as ‘cutthroat’ and ‘merciless.’ Monetary gain and increase in personal recognition have gained priority over feelings of compassion and humanitarianism. People are blinded by the shine and sparkle of riches and are willing to go to any lengths to acquire them. The seven deadly sins which are considered to be the roots of all other sinical acts have completely been adopted by current society. Consciousness of consequences has become a distant belief nowadays. People have become unhinged and numb towards the brutality of all sorts, even if they witness it themselves. When seen through a broader perspective, it is normal to feel that the society has been completely immersed in darkness and the feelings that make up a human have been lost, forever. However, even now there are some individuals who have resisted this mainstream adaption and address all the horrific events that take place every day. One shining example of such a brave soul is that of an activist and truth reporter, K.C Fox.

People have experienced injustice on so many accounts that now it has no great impact on them. Brutality, racism, and crime have become mainstream to a point that no one bats an eye when seeing it take place before them. Even the victims of such acts, try to put these experiences behind them without looking for justice and accountability. The main reason behind the current social state is absence and consequence and accountability of actions. The ones behind such heinous acts have none to fear as people do not want to raise their voices and demand for justice in fear of retaliation from the culprit’s side. Raising one’s voice against what is wrong requires a brave demeanor and a kindred heart. Having both of these rare qualities, K.C Fox is steadfast in her fight against the numerous lawless events taking place in the world.

K.C Fox was born on 16th March, 1977 in Shreveport, Louisiana. From the very beginning Fox had been completely exposed to the realities of this society. Living in this unlawful and misogynic society as an African-American woman, she became the subject of racism and. During her early years she too had thought of these experiences to be normal and non-consequential, like every other individual. However, she came to realize the severity of it during her educational career when she acquired in depth knowledge on the world’s worsening condition. She was enrolled in the University of North Texas and completing her Bachelors in Applied Arts and Science when she understood the grander scheme that society was treading on. This helped her set her goals.

K.C Fox has always been a person with compassionate heart, willing to help all those in need. After learning the dark truth behind social norms and seeing how no one was raising their voice against such injustice she decided to be that voice of concern and address all the topics not usually discussed. She decided to choose a career in media because it would give her a wider platform to raise her concerns on and influence the minds of a vaster audience. She was determined to let the people know of what was owed to them by society and that the current social norms should not be adapted to but retaliated against. To gain further expertise to benefit her cause she decided to pursue further academics and earned degrees in Emergency Management, Journalism, Non-Profit Management, telecommunication, radio and criminal justice.

Her brave demeanor and dedication to the fight against the wrong was result of her time in the United States Air Force. Throughout her military career she had served in important positions such as being the primary combat training sergeant of communications for the 506 Expeditionary security forces squadron and the primary assistant to the Battle Captain in combat operations. Her exemplary service in her designations awarded her with the name ‘Top Instructor.’ 

After completing her education, she started her activist endeavors against the misconduct with the minorities and females of society. With time her efforts gained enough recognition and she became to be known as an advocate for black women all around the nation. She had played a pivotal part in many civil rights cases leveraging her expertise in the field to bring justice to those who needed it. She presided over the ‘National Coalition of 100 Black Woman’ as the Chairperson of the Civil rights and Citizen’s training committee. She wanted to prepare the younger generation of the world to enter and fend their way against the unlawful events that might take place. To fulfill this goal of hers, she established “The Lady General Foundation,” which was a female leadership camp for girls of ages 9-17.

Wanting to spread the word about the injustice taking place she decided to enter the world of media and started working at the Tribune Media. She served as the Director of Broadcast Technology and On-Air Operations there. Fox was also a member of the Roc Nations United Justice Coalition which had the goal of raising awareness of social justice issues and promoting the demand of reform in them.

K.C Fox is currently pursuing a Masters in Strategic Management from the Harvard University to better accommodate her work towards the betterment of society. K.C Fox now has what any other individual aspires for but this fame was never her goal. Her dream is to bring justice to all the victims of this world unlawful events and create a social environment where justice is available for all.

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