Should you buy an electric, petrol or hybrid car in 2022?

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If 2022 is the year you decide to get a new car, you may be wondering which type you should choose. You can be faced the decision of electric, hybrid or petrol and it’s hard to know which would suit you best. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and supply factors and environmental considerations which affect your choices. With the climate crisis being at the forefront of the 2030 diesel ban, should you be considering a more economical choice this year? Let’s explore each option.

Buying an electric car

The biggest benefit to owning an electric car is the impact they have on the environment. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, they run off an electric motor rather than an engine. They don’t release any harmful gasses which contribute to greenhouse gases in the environment and can significantly improve your own personal carbon footprint. 

Pros of electric cars

  • Cheaper to run than petrol cars
  • Road tax exempt
  • No harmful gases released into the environment
  • Smooth and silent ride
  • Split the costs with electric car finance
  • Low running costs
  • Exempt from congestion charges

Cons of electric cars

  • Reduced choice of cars
  • Can be expensive if you want to buy outright
  • Range anxiety if the battery runs out
  • Not everyone can get a at home charging point
  • Charging times can vary

Buying a hybrid car

If you’re not ready to go fully electric, a hybrid car could be the right choice for you. Hybrid cars combine a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor. Hybrid cars are more efficient than electric cars as they burn less fuel. The petrol engine charges the electric battery, which is used when the car needs more power, such as accelerating. They fall into three type of hybrid categories; plug in hybrid, mild hybrid, and self-charging hybrids. A mild hybrid can only assist the engine to power the car but plug in and self-charging hybrids can be used on their own to power the car. 

Pros of hybrid cars

  • Consume less fuel and more efficient than other options
  • Emits less CO2 than petrol or diesel options
  • Can benefit from lower road tax
  • Can avoid congestion charges
  • Cheaper to run than petrol cars
  • Self-charging can charge the battery as you drive
  • More environmentally friendly

Cons of hybrid cars

  • Less power due to the smaller combustion engine and twin powered
  • Can be more expensive than petrol or diesel cars
  • Reduced handling due to less power 
  • Higher maintenance costs

Buying a petrol car

Sales of diesel cars have reduced significantly since the looming diesel ban in 2030 and more focus has been put on electric and hybrid cars. However, it can still be beneficial to buy a petrol car in 2022. Many people still choose to spread the cost of petrol, manual and automatic cars on finance nowadays as it can be the most affordable option, especially when compared to electric cars. Buying a petrol car can be more convenient due to demand, more options, more range, and more options when it comes to refuelling. 

Pros of petrol cars

  • Lower costs when refuelling
  • Lower servicing and insurance costs when compared to diesel cars
  • More affordable then electric and hybrid model
  • More choice and availability of petrol cars
  • Smoother and quieter than diesel engines

Cons of petrol cars

  • Not environmentally friendly as electric or hybrid cars
  • Fluctuating petrol prices
  • Not particularly energy efficient 
  • Tend to depreciate faster

It can be hard to know which choice is right for you but it ultimately comes down to your budget and the impact you want to have on the environment and how to reduce your eco-footprint. Petrol cars can be the cheapest to buy but are more harmful to the environment than electric or hybrid alternatives. Electric and hybrid cars release less emissions than petrol and diesel vehicles, but they do tend to be a lot more expensive to buy. However, you can save more money running and maintaining an electric car than you would a petrol one. 

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