Everest Business Funding Reveals 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Blog

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In today’s business world, blogging is no longer seen as an optional tool for content marketing- it is a necessary one. The once trending platform has excelled to a marketing must. As a result, business owners and entrepreneurs face yet another advertising avenue they must understand to improve a brand’s content marketing.

Everest Business Funding, an organization, helping provide alternative financing options to support business expansion and growth, works with all kinds of different businesses. Regardless of the industry, blogging serves a crucial role in executing brand building. In this article, Everest Business Funding offers these three simple tips on enhancing any business blog.

#1. Network

One of the best ways to escalate exposure through blogging is to use a network. For entrepreneurs in the start-up stages, creating a network is beneficial in multiple ways, including finding other organizations to collaborate with for marketing purposes. When networking, business owners will discover other businesses with more prominent brand awareness with the same target audience.

Inviting guest contributors from more accredited brands to contribute to content marketing like blogs can help boost brand exposure, especially after doing the proper consumer research and working with companies that reach the desired audience. Organizations that host guests on blogs also keep content fresh and engaging with new perspectives on topics that uplift the business.

#2. Content

Content is vital, as the audience a company wants to reach will only read so far depending on the interest surrounding the topic of discussion. On top of creating engaging content, staying consistent in that publishing process is just as important.

For example, when thinking about the magazine Vogue, readers will look to the magazine as a source for up-to-date fashion. Vogue has to stay on top of fashion news to stay accredited and keep consumers engaged. If Vogue missed covering any major international fashion event, frequent readers might be left scratching their heads wondering why.

Entrepreneurs should have the same approach with a company’s blog: consistently produce up-to-date and engaging content. When thinking about what type of content would best engage consumers, highlight executive staff expertise while addressing trending topics that consumers want to read. Consumer research through social media platforms and past blog engagement helps plan future content. Researching what a target audience reads or searches can help depict keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) to reach more significant desired audiences.

#3. Design

The design, or layout, of a blog, can contribute to bettering audience engagement.  There are special blog platforms that allow you to quickly launch any blog on any topic, including business ones. Pay more attention to choosing a blog website builder – this will affect how professional your blog will look in the end. Using images or videos gives viewers more opportunities to engage with a page. When designing the look of a blog post, think about the readers’ minds. A viewer reading a blog post with only text will only remember ten percent of the information. Add a visual such as a picture or video that compliments the text, and a viewer will remember sixty-five percent of the information they see.

Providing visuals can significantly boost consumer engagement. The format style of a blog plays as significant of a role as content. Quick pointers for proactive format style include paragraphs with two to five lines, lists and bullet points, subheadings, and no centered text.

About Everest Business Funding

Everest Business Funding provides alternative finance options and revenue-based funding to small business owners. They serve a diverse pool of businesses, from healthcare to retail, to help them obtain working capital to grow, buy inventory, launch marketing campaigns, or hire staff. Everest Business Funding’s clients are treated with respect and receive high-quality guidance and service from its professionals.

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