5 Ceiling Fan Styles That Are Perfect For Your Home

Do you love the rustic look of a ceiling fan 

Check out our guide to the best ceiling fan styles for your home below!

What Is A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans have been around since the late 1800s, when Philip Diehl designed the first electrically powered ceiling fan. Fresh from his success building the first electric motor-powered sewing machine, he adapted the design to ceiling fans. They didn’t even require a belt drive and relied solely on self-contained motors. The same design remained constant throughout the years. Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans don’t actively cool down a space—they merely circulate air in a room. Today, there are numerous designs, styles, and aesthetics perfect for any home. Modern, rustic, and other design aesthetics capture plenty of imagination and maintain their popularity today. Here are a few of the best types to fit into any home:


Everyone loves a traditional ceiling fan. These are the ones you probably most mentally associate with ceiling fans. Perhaps you even had or have one and want to get another one for a different room. Traditional ceiling fans include venting, a motor, anywhere from three to five blades, and usually have a space for lights. Some, of course, will be devoid of lighting and have a decorative covering instead. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, nostalgic, or rustic look, a traditional ceiling fan might do the trick. A traditional fan can help you cut back on energy costs, provide great air circulation, and is easy to install.

Low Profile

A popular ceiling fan option for many homes is the low profile or hugger ceiling fan. These fans lack a downrod as a mount, instead mounting directly to the ceiling. This unique ability is the inspiration for their name. They are ideal for smaller rooms with shorter ceilings. If your ceiling is below eight feet in height, then a low profile fan will likely be the best option, for both comfort and safety.


Outdoor ceiling fans are ideal for porches, garages, patios, gazebos, and all manner of outdoor areas. They are useful for circulating air in the area and can really tie the space together with the right decor. They also have different safety ratings, due to the possibility of being exposed to weather. Indoor ratings refer to a fan that should not be used in an outdoor setting. A wet-rated fan can withstand direct exposure to the elements, including rain, ice, and snow. They are specially designed and rigorously tested to ensure they can handle most kinds of weather. A damp-rated fan can handle some moisture, but shouldn’t be exposed to rain, snow, or other heavy amounts of water.

With Lights or Remotes

Regardless of your design choice, a ceiling fan can always benefit from some accessorizing. The best accessories are those that make things more convenient. In this case, lights and remote controls are the epitome of convenience (as far as ceiling fans are concerned, anyway). There’s a wide range of fantastic ceiling fans with lights, remotes, and other accessories on the market today. Remote controls offer the ability to control your fan’s speed, lighting, and on/off operations without getting up from your cozy chair. Some also offer programming features for the fan. Lights are a great option not just because you can get plenty of aesthetically pleasing types of lights—such as chandelier, nautical style, lantern style, and caged lights in addition to the standard LEDs—but because they also help add some atmosphere, additional lighting, and character to the room in which they’re used. 

Smart Ceiling Fans

The pinnacle of modern technology is, perhaps, smartphones and the internet of things. But there are other applications for “smart” technology as well, including an app and receiver you can use with your ceiling fan to control it easily and remotely. Some fans come with this amazing technology already installed, whereas others can easily be upgraded with a simple add-on kit. Adding a bit of convenient smart technology to your ceiling fan is a great way to improve its use and make your space better for you and your entire family.