Cabin beds are the space-friendly solution for the kid in all of us

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Ergonomic pillows and memory foam mattresses are designed to draw you into a better sleep, leaving you more relaxed in the morning. However, the bed frame itself has the potential to be much more. It takes up a significant amount of floor space, and it would be a shame for your room to lose so much to a useless bed frame. Read on to find out more about cabin beds, what they are and how they can unleash the big kid in you whilst making the most of your space.

What are cabin beds?

Put simply, a cabin bed is a bed frame with multiple uses. These beds can be slightly raised to have shelving underneath and make the most of your floor space, and may even be raised several feet in the air, leaving the area below free for a desk. Headboards and footboards are optional, so as long as there is a secondary function at work then congratulations – you have a cabin bed! Now you need to make the most of it.

Why are cabin beds ideal?

Cabin beds are vital to the effective use of space in a bedroom. Even as an adult homeowner, a cabin bed makes a significant difference due to the space limits of the average bedroom. You build up huge collections of hobby items and tools throughout your life, and you need somewhere to put them. A cabin bed removes the problem, making the floor space your bed fills available for a range of other tasks. Keeping all of your bits and bobs is no longer a challenge and you still sleep comfortably.

Desk space

In cities with minimal residential space, getting everything you need into a single room is an almost impossible task. Desks, especially those large enough to reasonably allow you to work from home, are significant space investments. In an already cramped flat, fitting an adequate desk in with the bed is a difficult task. A raised cabin bed with a desk underneath is perfect for a home worker. Not only do you get both sleeping and working space, but your Zoom background is clear of beds with the sleeping space hidden above the shot. It’s the perfect solution for working from home.

Unleash your inner kid

When you were younger, a cabin bed was the dream. Not only was it a fully functional bed, but it had several functions too. From a workspace, to further storage to the book nook of your childhood dreams, the possibilities of a cabin bed were endless. Cabin beds have only gotten more useful, but you grew up. But what’s the use in growing up if you can’t be a little childish sometimes? Getting a cabin bed opens up a world of possibilities, let alone the potential to make use of more space. Embark on your childhood’s greatest adventures once more and get a cabin bed for your home.

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