5 Best AR Games for Android

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AR games have become increasingly popular as app developers utilize mobile technologies to merge games into everyday reality. Even better, it fits right in our pockets.

What is AR- augmented reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience where real-world objects are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. In layman’s terms, it’s an integration of real-time digital visual and audio immersed into your real-world environment.  AR games in themselves become cooperative games of real-life and virtual. Their digital transformation uses our phones to create a highly interactive experience.

How are AR games beneficial?

Not only does AR make a gaming experience richer. Playing AR cooperative games is shown to build empathy and combat loneliness. AR games can also help improve people’s real-life abilities in a safe environment by enhancing the skills of soldiers, drivers, students, etc.

If you’re sold on AR games and have your trusty android, here’s a list of the top 5 best AR games for android.

1. Pokémon Go

One of the original AR games to reach top downloads, Pokémon Go blends a virtual and real-world while players try to detect popular anime Pokémon. Players work to capture all types of monsters hidden in and around neighborhoods and cities.

It’s not all about catching Pokémon; you’ll also battle Gyms and travel to Pokestops. The fan base for this game is enormous and very loyal, so the game developers constantly evolve to keep fans engaged. Even better, it’s free to play. Can you catch them all?

2. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a fantastic fitness app that uses AR to encourage players to exercise. You can walk, jog, or run but know this; zombies will be chasing you, so keep up the speed. Zombies, Run! was created by Six to Start and blends an audio adventure with a running app.

As you move your way through the app, players unlock pieces of the story that’ll draw you in and keep you motivated. Zombies, Run! It has a subscription service to unlock all well worth missions. The first four missions are free if you’d like to try it out for free. Why not let zombies be good for something and help you say in shape.

3. The Walking Dead: Our World

Keeping with the zombie theme, The Walking Dead: Our World has players roaming the streets killing zombies. Depending on your location, the zombies change as well as the number of them.

With this cooperative game, you can play with friends, uniting to save humanity. Marking maps where you’ve killed zombies help other players. If you’re a fan of the TV show, the game has loads of missions that feature characters from the show.

4. Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive immerses prehistoric creatures into the player’s real world. Walk around to collect dinosaurs of all types and even a few Mammoths. A fun component of this game is that players can battle each other. Using dinosaurs you’ve collected, you can battle other players in a terrifying fight to the death.

The game also allows players to collect DNA samples and create their very own hybrid dinosaurs. Fancy a hybrid raptor? You can receive additional rewards, so you don’t have to rely on in-app purchases, although there is a subscription option.

5. Harry Potter: Wizard Unite

The latest AR game to come from Niantic, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is one for the Potterheads among us. In this AR game, players walk around the real-world collecting items and engaging in brutal battles against enemies.

As in the wizarding world, you’ll need to join together to deal with disasters that’ll affect the wizarding world as a whole. A bonus; the game features cameos from beloved characters and a few new ones.

Whether you’re into zombies, dinosaurs, or wizards, there’s an AR game that’ll pique everyone’s interest. Give one of these games ago, or why not try all 5?

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