We Buy Houses In Irvine, CA: Here’s How and Why to Sell to Us

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Are you in a rush to sell your home fast for cash in Irvine? Imagine what it’d be like to have an opportunity to close your property sale within seven days! Think I’m exaggerating?

Newsflash: Property Escape is your best shot to sell your assets within a week. We buy houses in Irvine, CA, and South California cities quickly and conveniently.

However, we operate differently from your typical real estate agents in various ways, the most prominent of which is that we buy your property off-market. Do you know what that means or how it benefits you? Keep reading.

What Is an Off-market Home Sale?

Off-market describes a property for sale but not listed on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). Therefore, when buying your asset off-market, you don’t have to list it online before the deal closes. All it takes is an agreement between you and our company.

This arrangement saves you the numerous hassles associated with listing your property online. You don’t have to incur extra expenses before selling your house — which is unavoidable if you take the other way to list the asset.

Why Should I Sell my House Off-market to Property Escape?

There are various other benefits of selling your house to us off-market. They include:

  • Zero Commission

Unlike traditional real estate agents, we don’t charge a commission on our services. We buy houses Irvine ca, as soon as our analysts determine their value.

This feature is a tremendous advantage when considering that the average commission rate is six percent of your price. Suppose you’re selling your house through a realtor for $1,000,000, they’ll get $60,000 as their commission.

  • As-is (No Maintenance Fees)

A benefit of selling off-market to us is the absence of maintenance fees before your sales. We don’t require you to spend money on the property. Therefore, you can keep the cash with you and get total value for your asset too.

Such a feature is beneficial if you’re selling your property to solve an emergency need.

  • Immediate Cash Offer

Selling your property off-market shows that you prioritize speed and convenience. Fortunately, we offer you both. Unlike agents, we make an instant cash offer when we inspect your apartment.

What’s better? Our assessment takes place only once. Therefore, there’s no need to disrupt your schedule by repeatedly showing your home to strangers.

You don’t have to organize unnecessary open house occasions, too. You get a reasonable cash offer the moment our experts review your house.

  • Close the Deal Whenever You Desire

We buy houses in Irvine, CA, within seven days. In other words, you can complete the deal within seven days of contacting us. You don’t have to wait for weeks before the sale .

You make all decisions regarding the house. Would you like to make an immediate sale or prefer that we wait for the property for a while? In addition, you’re not under any obligation to accept our offers.

Plus, you’ll have all the time you desire to make your decision. All these features are better than what realtors offer. Your asset doesn’t have to compete with the tons of houses in Irvine for sale before you cash out.

  • Cash Bonus for Your Moving

It may sound unreal that we offer you $5,000 to assist your relocation, but we do for nothing at all. Our service reduces the expenses you incur on your move. As such, we don’t only save you lots of cash by not claiming any commission; we’ll also give you extra money to use at your discretion.

How Can I Sell My House to Property Escape?

Are you satisfied with the benefits of selling your home off-market to us? Follow these steps to sell your house to us as soon as reasonably possible!

1. Get in Touch With Us

You can contact us with the form on our website or our helpline available 24/7. Our customer service is polite and helpful; therefore, you’ll be at ease to express yourself.

Start by telling us where you live and what you want to sell. We’ll fix an appointment with you at any time you find comfortable moving forward.

2. We Inspect the Property

You’ll provide us with the exact address of your property and arrange a visit with our team. We operate a one-time inspection visit to ensure we offer you the appropriate value for your asset.

Our checks include the neighborhood, the property’s infrastructure, special provisions related to the house, and other relevant factors. This process enables us to compare with the market price and make you an offer that commensurates with your apartment and the unique services we render.

3. Accept or Reject Our Offer

Our cash offer comes immediately after inspecting your house. Trust us to make a reasonable proposition according to the current demand levels, property’s state and infrastructure, and the locale. This offer typically arrives within an hour of our inspection.

It’s necessary to point out that our proposals cost you nothing and you’re under no obligation to accept what we propose. You’ll have sufficient time to think about the offer before getting back to our team.

Suppose you accept the offer. We handle all closing expenses, relieving you of maintenance fees or any such charges. Remember, we buy houses in Irvine, CA, in a manner that satisfies you optimally.

4. Deal Closure

A unique benefit of selling your home to us is that we spare you appraisals, house showings, unending inspections, and, more importantly, the wait for the buyer loan application approval.

Our process is straightforward, as put above. We receive your call, inspect the property whenever you prefer (even within the same day), and make you a cash offer.

We buy a home in Irvine in a fast, simple, stress-free process. We may both wrap up the affair within seven days or longer — it depends on your preferences. What’s clear is that working with us saves you the marketing fees, commissions, or house showing expenses.

Wrapping Up

Property Escape is an experienced homebuyer that offers you the ideal opportunity to dispose of your house in South California. We offer unique advantages, such as the absence of commission, no maintenance demands, immediate cash offer, bonus offer,  and rapid deal closure. Kindly contact us through a simple call for all home sales in this locale.

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