5 Luxury Renovation Projects for Landed Properties

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Renovation projects can be a way of upgrading our homes, particularly for landed properties that are relatively rare and older than the condominium units that dot cities today. Landed properties have the advantage of both space and ownership, and most homeowners can find a landed property contractor who can easily renovate their properties to their liking.

In Asian regions, where apartment units are the most common form of housing, there are a handful of contractors that do landed property renovation Singapore homes can avail of. Based on common renovation projects, here are 5 ideas that bring the comfort and luxury into your home:

1. Organic Garden Bed

For homeowners into clean eating and gardening, have an organic garden bed renovated into your outdoor space. An organic garden provides you with luscious, crisp vegetables, fruits, and herbs without the threat of pesticides, so you can keep eating without worrying about the health effects!

An organic garden bed can be done as a DIY renovation project, or be done by a professional landscape gardener who specializes in organic gardening. Research the different plants that can be planted together. Alternatively, an indoor organic garden can be constructed using a concrete or natural stone box fitted right into your home. 

2. Sunken Living Room

Sunken living rooms are the trends of today, creating the illusion of a large, distinct space without the need to upsize your home or heighten your ceiling. A sunken living room is renovated to be lower than the surrounding home flooring, leading to the illusion of a high ceiling.

A sunken living room can be cozier, and the distinction of the sunken living room compared to the rest of the house makes the area seem minimalistically luxurious on its own. Perfectly suitable for most homes, a sunken living room upgrades your house layout.

3. Modernized Open Kitchen Concept

An open kitchen concept is perfect for cooks and food enthusiasts, as they can easily prepare their meals without the hassles of going to and fro the kitchen to get ingredients, plates, and more. The open kitchen concept makes use of a kitchen island as a divider, and maximizes space by making functional use of what would otherwise be a barrier between the kitchen and the rest of the house. 

Along with the open kitchen, modernize your appliances as well. Turn your fridge into a smart fridge, have the walls lined with natural stone for that sleek look, and upgrade your stove top into a smart induction cooker for that flameless cooking!

However, an open kitchen concept should be fitted with a proper range hood and ventilation to prevent food smells from staying around the house. A proper renovation contractor should be able to determine the best way to build your modern kitchen, and an interior designer will give you a kitchen that looks like it belongs to Gordon Ramsay!

4. Smart Home Conversion

Smart home assistants are called smart for a reason. These electronic devices serve as a control panel for practically any fixture around your home – from the lights and the air conditioning systems, to the ice maker in your fridge.

To upgrade your home into a smart home, you will need to upgrade your systems as well. Lights, air conditioning systems, water systems, and other fixtures that will be connected to your smart home assistant should be compatible with the device, and the assistant should recognize only your voice to function properly.

Smart assistants can be security risks, especially when equipped with cameras. A top-notch home security system with advanced technologies should combat any threats of hacking, so you can comfortably thrive in your modernized home.

5. High Ceiling Living Room

A more extensive renovation project, creating a high ceiling living room requires removing a large chunk of the upper floor, useful if you have a room to spare in renovating your house. A high ceiling is a sign of luxury, and is a design found in many designer homes around the world.

High ceilings also create a cooler airflow, and can brighten up rooms by making them less stuffy. Have your home repainted in white or light colours to fully brighten up the house, and install natural-toned lights to give a sense of warmth in your living space. 

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