Types of Carpet Cleaning Method | The Ultimate Guide To Carpet Cleaning Services

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It’s crucial to look for various choices when choosing the best company for carpet cleaning Walthamstow for your home or officer. However, it’s more important to know about the various types of carpet cleaning methods implemented by different companies as different carpets need different cleaning methods for complete effectiveness.  

Below are a few types of carpet cleaning methods offered by the majority of professional carpet cleaners in the market. 

1. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method 

Typically known as the steam carpet cleaning method, the hot water extraction method ruffles the carpet fibre and terminates dirt in the carpet by utilizing high-pressure hot water. This method usually involves the perturbation of the carpet with a brush, the use of cleansing agents on the soiled surface, and rinsing. When the cleansing agent settles down in the carpet fibre for a short period, the professionals wash the carpet using carpet cleaning equipment for rinsing the cleaning product precisely. The experts finally leave the carpet in the room for air drying at either normal or air-conditioned temperature. 

2. Carpet Shampooing 

Carpet shampooing was one of the most popular methods until the introduction of encapsulation technology in the 70s. However, this is still an effective method for those who are tight on their budget. Although this method is highly effective in cleaning heavily soiled carpets, it comes with a disadvantage that decreased its usage over the years. This method leaves behind a great number of foam residues in the carpet, which takes a longer time to dry, making the carpet incapable of rinsing after it dries off. 

3. Encapsulation Cleaning Method 

The method of foam encapsulation utilizes synthetic detergents as the base element for crystallizing into powder form after it dries out. Carpet fibre consisting of loose dirt particles gets encapsulated into powder after the implemented foam becomes dry and vacuumed or brushed. This method has gained more popularity than carpet shampooing technology as it uses minimal water while cleaning and results in a short drying period. This method is best for those who support eco-friendly products as it involves minimal chemical residue left behind after the cleaning process is done. 

4. Bonnet Cleaning Method 

This carpet cleaning method ensures the best surface cleaning result. This is because the procedure significantly involves the cleansing of the carpet fibre’s top part with the help of heavy-duty motorized machinery equipment. It also uses a spinning pad, w3hich is mostly dipped into the cleaning solution for absorbing the maximum amount of dirt from the carpet surface. This is mostly used for commercial carpet cleaning as it ensures a quick fix solution on floors with heavy public traffic. 

5. Dry Carpet Cleaning Method 

The dry carpet cleaning method or compound cleaning method is one of the most advanced and latest cleaning technologies available in the market. It has gained widespread popularity and approvals from leading carpet manufacturers around the world. This method uses the most intriguing techniques and needs to be implemented by expert professionals for the best cleaning performance and convenient result.  


So, get the best use of this ultimate guide on the various types of carpet cleaning methods for your own need and purpose. Also, ensure to pick the right cleaning method for a specific carpet fibre type and get the best out of your cleaning session. 

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