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Top of your bucket list should be to visit Manchester and at least spend a night there as this is one of the friendliest and entertaining places to visit in the world. During day time, Manchester is a calm place full of activity with amiable locals and a rich historical feel. The nightlife of Manchester is, however, unmatched. From high-end restaurants to cozy local pubs, Manchester nightlife brings the thrill of a lifetime.

The beauty of Manchester is that there is always an activity for you to enjoy regardless of your age, class, and budget. If you are a social person, then Manchester is the place to be at night. The list of activities that you can undertake in Manchester during the night is endless. According to our expert Jacek Michałski, here are the things to do in Manchester at night

Visit the Electric Gamebox in Halle Place, Arndale Centre

If you are a fan of gaming, then the Electric VR Gamebox in Armadale is your best stop. The Electric Gamebox was first opened in London, where it runs to date. The immersive entertainment house recently opened a branch in the Arndale Centre. The Electric Gamebox is equipped with four games that are best suited for multiplayer.

All the games are VR-enabled, increasing the thrill and fun of playing the games. VR-enabled touch screens, motion tracking visors, and projection mapping dominate the playhouse. The Electric Gamebox guarantees nothing but fun and memorable moments.


Axe throwing is an ancient sport with roots deep down in Canada. The sport, however, has now been improved and modernized and brought to the heart of Manchester. The Whistle Punks in the modern axe throwing arenas are guaranteed to give you the night of your life in Manchester. You can choose to play using one axe or opt for the two-hand axe throws.

The truth is there is so much fun in the axe throwing venues as you realize that it is not entirely based on strength but target accuracy. The axe-throwing venues are well lit, with ancient themes dominating the walls for that unforgettable experience.

Play Some Online Games

Sometimes you do not have to get out of your house to have some fun. Nightlife in Manchester is awesome but you can also have fun in your hotel room. Manchester has high-speed internet and you can hop into your favorite casino and try some luck.

It even gets better as you can fund other activities from the winnings you get from such online gaming platforms. Poland has some of the best online casinos if what is featured on is anything to go by. The good news is that you can access most of these sites from Manchester.


If you fancy some good time listening to the soothing jazz and blues sounds, then Matt & Phred’s is the place to be. Matt and Phred’s place is one of the best live music venues in Manchester. The entertainment spot is a haven for new and upcoming artists who can perform from Monday to Thursday. From Monday to Thursday, the entrance to the facility is free, making it the most visited place in Manchester.

A £5 entrance fee is charged on Fridays and Saturdays as popular bands entertain the clients. If your fancy blues, then you should visit Matt and Phred’s place on the first Monday of the month as they offer karaoke and a chance to sing along as the house band backs you.

Entertainment on Peter Street

If you are looking for booze and a good time, then Peter Street in Manchester is the place to be. Live music, high-end cocktails, and friendly people who want to enjoy life dominate the street. Albert Schloss is among the favorites on Peter Street in Manchester. The beer vending bar is located at the Salford Wesleyan Mission building and is home to the best local and international beers.

Albert Schloss also has its brews on the menu, which are to die for. The music in Albert Schloss is unending as dedicated DJs, and a home band keeps the crowds entertained. The renowned Almost Famous, located in Peters street, is home to some of the best burgers in Manchester. Dirty Martini, still located on Peter Street, is your ultimate stop looking for cocktails.


The Manchester at night story is not complete if you haven’t visited the Junkyard Golf. The venue is home to a modern indoor golf course with immersive lighting. The venue is a good place for a date as you showcase your poor or good golf skills.

Clubs, casinos, and restaurants are important niches in the tourism sector in most countries. The Manchester nightlife is among the best in the whole world and you can always hop into the highlighted areas.

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