How to Get a Good Deal on a New Jeep

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Buying or leasing a car can rank right up there next to visiting the dentist and waiting in the security line at the airport in terms of how much people want to avoid it. Whether you’ve personally encountered a pushy salesperson or have the first-time car buyer jitters, it’s completely understandable why you’d want to optimize the experience however possible before walking through those dealership doors. After all, preparing adequately ahead of time can save you not only time and hassle, but also cold hard cash off the purchase price.

Have you eye set on a new Jeep? Whether you’re determined to get behind the wheel of a sporty new Wrangler or want something designed for spicing up your everyday commute, here are some helpful tips on how to get a good deal. 

Know Your “Target Price”

Perhaps the biggest mistake car buyers can make is visiting a dealership with only a soft budget in mind — or, worse, no budget at all. There’s nothing like seeing the shiny new utility vehicle of your dreams on the lot to make you want to compromise on cost. However, this can leave you with unrealistic monthly payments and buyer’s remorse.

Salespeople will often push the price per month during the decision-making process. This can lead drivers to think, “Hey, $400 per month? That sounds doable!” What the driver may not realize is, to get those payments down to such a seemingly reasonable number, the lease or loan must be extended to a longer time period. This means you may end up paying much more in interest and will be responsible for payments longer.

Don’t get distracted by the monthly price alone. Whether you’re leasing or buying, focus on the selling price — which you should be able to negotiate. This selling price will in turn determine the monthly payments.

Arrange Your Financing Beforehand

Did you know you don’t always have to depend on the dealership for financing? It can pay to seek out Jeep lease deals or auto loans before you shop as you may qualify for more competitive terms than the dealership’s financing department could offer. Plus, walking in with financing from the get-go shows that you know what you’re looking for and how you plan to pay for it — giving you an upper hand when it comes time to negotiate. 

Find an In-Stock Model

As one former Jeep salesman of two decades advises, try to find a model that’s physically in stock at a dealership within driving distance. The sales team is often more willing to “deal” on these vehicles already on the lot rather than one they would have to special order. It’s smart to conduct an online search first to see the local lineups of Jeep models in your area. This way, you can get a feel for the vehicles without facing any additional pressure from dealers as you would if you were to visit the lot first.

Wait Until the End of the Year if Possible

Sometimes we don’t get to choose when we need a new car, like if our old one dies or our lease is about to run out. If at all possible, though, wait until the end of the year. Many experts herald October, November and December as some of the most advantageous months during which to get a new vehicle because the model years are switching over — motivating many dealerships to clean out last year’s stock to make room for even newer models.

Look up Jeep-specific incentives and plan your car-buying or -leasing journey around those, too.

Getting a good deal on a new Jeep is a matter of doing your research, knowing your budget and striking while the iron is hottest.

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