Five Types of Unique Fireworks You Can Buy Online

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When it’s time to celebrate, nothing makes a party more fun than a small-scale, safely performed fireworks display. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a large party, people love a good show.From all the established “fireworks holidays” to special occasions, the right fireworks display can amaze your friends, tantalize onlookers, and create a memorable experience one boom at a time. To get the most out of celebrating with fireworks, you’ll want to observe local laws and ordinances, keep a bucket of water and some safety gear handy, and buy some cool fireworks for your show from a reputable source online. Here are five types of unique fireworks you can buy online, but before we get started, always be sure to double-check your state’s local laws on what you can and can’t use beforehand. 

Amazing Aerials

Aerial fireworks are anything you can shoot into the air. They are technically cake- shaped fireworks that come in a single package. When they are lit up, they set off a chain reaction that results in a spectacular display. They feature interesting designs and patterns, available in larger sizes. When setting up these types of fireworks, eye protection and gloves are a must. It’s also a good idea to keep a bucket of water nearby just in case.

Cool Canister Shells

Canister shells (aka mortar fireworks) are an extremely unique type of firework. Mortar fireworks are a very unique type of pyrotechnic. They use shells that are placed into a tube, which is then used to fire different types of devices into the air. The fireworks come in all shapes and sizes with unique patterns and interesting displays. To use these, one drops a shell into the tube and then lights the fuse on the end. This will launch the mortar fireworks into the air. These fireworks are ideal for mixing up all of that before the finale and they’re just fun to watch. Usually you can launch one of the time washed during a series of fuses together to launch several in succession. They are reloadable and can be reused with different types of mortar shells. These types of fireworks are illegal in some states – simply because they can be launched into the air – and they should only be used in a clear and open space.

Fancy Fountains

Aside from sparklers and snappers, one of the most iconic fireworks most people might use at home or the sounds. Fountains are pretty cool little fireworks. They usually come packaged in a tube or cone and, when lit, will display an array of bright colors that shoot from the ground up. They’re common in backyard celebrations and are incredibly affordable. If you decide to buy any fireworks online, you may want to throw some fountains into the mix to add that extra zing to your fireworks display, getting something that’s fun for the entire family and neighborhood to behold. Fountains come in regular and large sizes, with some handheld options. 

Superb Sparklers

Sparklers are an interesting type of firework. They’re little, hand held fireworks that produce a sustained shower of sparks. They are fun for small parties and celebrations. Sparklers are fairly inexpensive and legal in many states. As a bonus, they have unique chemistry as well, requiring an oxidizer, fuel, powder, and a combustible binder for all of it to react. What results is a cool effect that’s fun for the whole family. But be sure to use safety equipment, because they can get pretty hot if you’re not careful!

Fantastic Finale Sets 

For the ultimate fireworks show, you may want to go with a finale set. The finale set is a series of fireworks that make up an awesome sky show. The various fireworks that make up the set will differ depending on the vendor you purchase them from, but the results will be the same: a spectacular display that will light up the night sky and amaze your friends. Finale sets typically hold any from 80 to 196 shots that are intended to be used for, well, a fireworks show finale. They’re usually around 90 seconds long. Since firewood shows me last around 10 to 20 minutes, this is actually quite a long time for a firework to last. Set up for finales is really straightforward. Some companies recommend setting up one or two rows of fireworks, so they are perpendicular onlookers, with small multi-shot fireworks in the front. Planning is very important for maximizing safety and ensuring an awesome display. Don’t forget to practice established fireworks safety when using them!

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