What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

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When vaping first emerged it was as an alternative to smoking tobacco. The dangers of smoking had become well known and it was directly linked to cancer, while vaping – which does not involve a flame – offered a safer alternative.

In the first instance the early vape mods – so called as the initial devices were modified electrical systems from other items – catered mainly for users of e-liquids, which remain popular today. However, with cannabis being legalized across the USA the manufacturers soon recognised there would be plenty demand for vape devices that catered for weed users.

There are in fact two types: the dab pen or vape device which allows the user to vape wax concentrate of cannabis and other products, and the dry herb vaporizer which is specifically for vaping cannabis in its raw leaf form. Its the latter we want to talk about here, so lets have a look in more detail and dry herb vaporizers and why you may want one.

Why Vape Dry Herbs? 

Youll find a variety type of dry herb vaporizers at reputable online retailers such as that one, Vape4Ever, which is among the most established of all. Why would you choose to vape dry herbs? First, many people prefer dry herb to concentrate as they find it gives a more authentic taste. Also, if you are in one of the states where you can now grow your own cannabis, it makes sense to go down the dry herb route. Many people are converting from concentrate to dry herb now that they are growing weed. So how does a dry herb vaporizer work?

How Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Work?

We should say that it is clear for many users that the best way to ingest cannabis is to vape it in either form. Its safer, it goes directly into the system, and its also the most convenient. Vape devices are not large and are designed to fit in a pocket or purse when not in use, and they are actually surprisingly simple. 

A dry herb vaporizer consists of an outer casing in which all the electronics and other parts are housed. It will have buttons to press for on and off and perhaps even to vary the voltage, and a mouthpiece that is removeable for cleaning or replacement. 

Inside it is quite a basic device. A small battery supplies charge to a coil or atomizer which heats to a required pre-set temperature. The coil heats a compartment into which the dry herb has been placed in the required quantity. Once the temperature is reached the cannabis vaporizes or atomizes. The user can then inhale the vape cloud to get the desired hit.

Its a simple process and is controlled by a series of button presses on most devices, with others being activated when the user takes a draw. Some also come with variable voltage settings that can be altered to change the heat at which the cannabis vaporizers, allowing users to customise the cloud to their personal tastes. Thats all there is to it, so lets see if we can wrap up with a short summary.


It is clear that now that cannabis can be legally grown in some states the demand for dry herb vaporizers will only increase. This will lead to more sophisticated and capable designs and models that are better by the year. Take a look at the dry herb vaporizers at the online retailers and youll find that the choice is pretty good, and we recommend you look for a model with variable temperature to enjoy your vaping the most. 

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