The Game-Changing Solo Travel Packing List Revealed

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Some people obsess over what to stash and what to abandon. However, packing can be simple if you list what you want to bring with you before you start. It is also a great idea to pack your luggage at least a couple of days before your travel date. So, even if you’re an orderly soul who ticks off a list or someone impulsive, this guide will assist you in packing wisely for a solo trip.

1. Travel food that is ready to eat

Isn’t it unusual to have heated, home-style food in your hotel suite? Consider packing ready-to-eat’ food in your luggage. Although you also might want to try delicacies, there are times when you crave “your kind of meal.” You don’t have to satisfy your hunger with whatever you can get your hands on. MRE can be helpful in such situations. You can cook your meal in a couple of moments.

A quick fact about MRE that you probably don’t know is that MRE’s stand for Meals Ready to Eat, and they are initially designed for military soldiers out on patrol. These meals do not require preparation and are ready to each right out of the pack/box.

The meals provide the soldier with enough calories and energy to keep patrolling and working. MRE’s are also a popular long-term food storage option and emergency food option for a lot of Emergency preppers. Mind-blowing, right?

2. Clothes

Carrying the best gear is crucial because you want your journey to be as easy as possible when travelling alone. You don’t have to pack more minor, but you should pack wisely.

Pack for the weather, the theme of your tour, and the location. However, despite the weather, carrying a jacket is always a great idea. Also, pack an extra top, a pair of jeans, and underclothes. It is not a good idea to wash your clothes while travelling. Instead, keep used clothes in a separate laundry bag.

3. A Reliable Backpack

Most adventurers prefer to keep their belongings in a large backpack that they can easily carry with them wherever they go. Some people, however, like to drag luggage, which is perfectly fine. However, for day tours or short journeys, a backpack bag is a great idea. It’s so simple to move around with all of your belongings in a small bag that you can easily carry on your back.

4. Essential Printouts, a Booklet, and a Pen

On a solo tour, it is essential to jot things down in a notebook. Make a note of the contact information of your primary contacts and other critical details that you will need to refer to throughout your trip – hotel contact details, travel company contacts, and so on. You should also print copies of your tickets, hotel reservations, maps, identity documents, and itinerary.

5. First-Aid Kit

Bring all of your essential medications, as well as items such as pain reliever, bandages, energy drink sachets, and disinfectants. When you get sick while travelling, you should help yourself if a doctor is not nearby. Furthermore, it is recommended that you bring mosquito repellent, tissues, and wipes with you.

As you can see, travelling alone can be enjoyable if you have the proper equipment. Items such as a first-aid kit, a great backpack, and MRE for a quick meal are just a few examples to give you the best experience on your solo tour.

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