All You Need to Know About Drug-Related Federal Offenses

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Drug-related offenses are more common than you can imagine. It is even more surprising that most people do not even know when they are facing a federal drug crime charge. Major federal drug crimes include drug trafficking, which means possessing drugs with the intent to distribute or manufacture, drug cultivation, and possession of facilities to manufacture drugs. It also entails operating a criminal enterprise or being part of a conspiracy to traffic drugs.

The penalties of drug offenses depend on the severity of your charges and other factors such as your criminal history, whether anyone was harmed when the offense took place, whether you used a firearm in the process, and your overall behavior with regards to the crime.

Therefore, if you are charged with a federal drug crime, here is what you need to know.

Your Legal Rights

First, always remain silent because anything you say can be used against you in court. It is your right not to answer any question or give out any information when the authorities arrest you. You also have a right to seek legal counsel. You should employ the services of one immediately.

By law, the court can provide you with a lawyer if you do not have one; however, they are usually handling many cases simultaneously. This makes it impossible for them to give your case the attention it needs. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a Tampa defense attorney who has the experience and one who will cater to your case and give it the attention that it needs.

The Legal Process of a Drug Offense

Once you are arrested for a drug offense, there is an initial appearance where you go before a federal magistrate. He or she will explain your rights, and there will be a discussion of whether you should be detained or released. If the federal government decides to detain you, the magistrate will set a detention hearing date.

The next court date will be a pretrial motion. If The federal government believes you are part of a drug business, they can offer you a deal to cooperate and get a free or reduced sentence. The information you possess determines the kind of plea bargain you have, and if there is no plea, the case moves to trial.

Reasons Why You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you are guilty or not, facing a drug offense is scary and can instantly change your life. You need a federal criminal defense attorney to help you through the legal process. Having an attorney allows you to know, understand, and implement your rights in a way that favors your case. An attorney will also help you investigate and find witnesses who will testify for you.

Many different negotiations occur when you are facing a drug offense, and your attorney will negotiate on your behalf and ensure you get the best deals. Having an attorney is also essential because they will represent you in all your court hearings. Attorneys can also help you find loopholes in the evidence against you, leading to a case dismissal.

They also have great advice from the knowledge and experience they collect from working on many different cases over the years. How you act, carry yourself, and even speak during this process is essential, and having an attorney to guide you through will make it easier on you.

Are You Facing a Drug-Related Federal Offense?

It is a scary experience; therefore, you must hire the services of an attorney immediately to increase your chances of winning the case. It is also important to exercise your right to silence until you have proper legal representation. There are several hearings before you proceed to trial, and you will need an attorney who will guide you and represent you in all the hearings. If you do not reach a plea agreement, then your case will proceed to trial. Therefore, having an attorney increases your chances of a case dismissal or a reduced sentence.

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