Simple DIY Projects You Can Complete This Weekend

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Many of us don’t have a great relationship with DIY. Maybe we’ve had bad experiences, or we’re worried about making things worse! Whatever your stance on DIY, with a little practice and grit, everyone can enjoy and benefit from it.

DIY can also save you time and money, especially if you’re waiting for repairs on a household item or you want to make changes to your property. Additionally, DIY makes a great hobby, and it’s one that all the family can get involved with. There’s no greater feeling than when you finally complete a DIY project, so in this post, we’ll explore some simple DIY projects that you can complete this weekend.

Display Some New Photos

Are the photos in your current frames looking a little dated or worse for wear? Why not try something a little different like these pictures printed on wood planks? Not only are these prints incredibly eye-catching and unique, but they’re easy to put up and rearrange if necessary. You’ll also get a free hanging kit, which makes the entire process easier for anyone who might be a little nervous about DIY. Displaying your favourite photos on wood will certainly create a focal point in any room, and as they’re set with high-quality treatments, they’ll stand the test of time – even if you do need a little help getting them straight!

Add Some Shelving in Your Garage or Shed

Outdoor storage is incredibly useful. But we can all be a little guilty of throwing things in the garage or shed without much thought. This weekend, why not take some time to empty your outdoor buildings, measure and install some functional shelving inside? This shelving will make it much easier to keep your items organised and keep them off the floor, protecting them from the elements or water damage.

Update A Piece of Furniture

Do you have some old wooden furniture at home that is in desperate need of some TLC? Upcycling a pair of wooden drawers, side tables, a wardrobe or even your dining table is a rewarding project that has multiple stages, but each one is just as fun as the next! You’ll need some upcycling materials and equipment such as sandpaper, wax, paint, brushes and somewhere to paint, but you’ll have a gorgeous upcycled piece of furniture to show at the end of it.

If you don’t fancy painting an entire item, then why not update the hardware instead? Swapping the handles, knobs or pulls on your furniture can give it a new lease of life instantly and it’s much less messy.

 Paint Your Front Door and Update Your Porch

Does your home have kerb appeal? Updating your front door with a lick of paint and decorating your porch with some potted plants, light installations or even a new welcome mat, is a great and worthwhile way to spend a weekend. Your house will look welcoming, and you’ll love the change!

Final Thoughts…

DIY is something everyone can enjoy, consider the projects above to get started!

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