How to Play Classic Video Games in 2021?

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Today modern gamers are debating over which one is better among PlayStation 5 or Xbox X. However, for the people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, the old gaming consoles developed by SEGA, Nintendo, Sony, and others, were the virtual playgrounds. The classic video games such as Pac-Man, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, DOOM, Prince of Persia, etc., were everyone’s favorite in that era.

With time, many such video game consoles are discontinued and replaced by modern consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and others. 

If you are someone like me who is nostalgic about retro games and want to relive the old days by playing classic video games, there are many ways you can still do that on your modern machines.

In this post, we would provide you top ways to play classic video games in modern times.

Use PC Emulators

Even though the hardware for playing the retro games is no longer in production, modern machines are capable enough to allow you to play those games. If you have a PC or laptop, there are many emulators available for you to emulate the retro games on your system. During the rise in popularity of computers in the late 80s and early 90s, it was used for many purposes including entertainment. That was the time the PC gaming industry started, and now became one of the billion-dollar industries. For playing retro games, many companies developed modern programs like SEGA genesis emulators and others. These emulators would help you download and install the old games and play the classic games using the traditional joysticks or using computer mouse and keyboards.

Get the Original Consoles

Consoles such as SEGA Genesis were pretty popular during the 80s and 90s. So, it is possible that many people still have one of those original consoles with them for the collection purpose. Many people might have listed the original consoles for sale on online portals such as eBay or auction sites. However, since many gamers want to get such consoles for themselves, they are pretty expensive.

Play Classic Games on Modern Consoles

If the original retro gaming consoles are too expensive and you already have a modern gaming console, you can play the classic games on it.

Many modern consoles such as PS, Xbox, Switch, and others have an excellent collection of classic video games such as Super Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, etc. If you have a PS4 or Xbox One, you can easily install those games on your console.

Download Retro Games on PC 

Many old retro games are available for download on modern computers. Game developers such as SEGA have dedicated sites for downloading the games. In addition to that, many developers have refurbished retro games and gave them a modern look with advanced graphics and controls. As a result, games like Mario are available with modern graphics and high resolution on every platform. Mac and smartphone device users can also enjoy those games. For the Apple iPad and iPhone users, games like Mario, Golden Axe, Space Harrier, Sonic the Hedgehog, and even Phantasy Star are promptly available to download from the App Store.

All in One Console

Many manufacturers like Retro-bit and Minigen build specially designed all in one console that supports modern as well as retro games. It provides multiple slots for inserting any type of old and new cartridges for playing the games. So, all you need is the cartridge of your favorite game, plug it in the available slot and play. Although such all-in-one consoles look tempting and a great way to utilize the old cartridges, there is always a question on their build quality. Many times, they might not even support the cartridges of your favorite games.

Bottom Line

Modern gaming consoles like PS, Xbox provides a lot of cool, highly advanced games with great graphics. However, when it comes to classic video games, there is no match. True PC gamers love to play retro games. If you find it challenging to play classic games, this post lists the top ways to do that.

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