Crucial Benefits Of A Portable Hot Water Heater

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The conveniences that come with modern days living make us avoid any little discomfort in our daily life. As a result, convenience such as hot water is always taken for granted. And only a natural disaster or an outdoor camping trip is what can help make us appreciate our daily amenities. When it comes to taking a shower, and you cannot have hot water, you will realize the importance of your water heater. Although some opt for body wipes for refreshment and taking care of hygiene, body wipes are important but can’t be compared with taking a shower. Having a portable water heater will enable you to instantly have access to hot water that you can use beyond just taking your shower. Are you planning on going outdoor camping? Below is why you must have a portable water heater:

1. Portability

Although this may sound obvious, it is very vital. You cannot move with your in-house water heater either a heavy water heater with a tank. Having a tank-less or any other small water heater such as Joolca enables you to move around with your water heater on whatever trip you are. Enabling you to have access to hot water, thus making your trip more enjoyable.

2. Access to Hot Water at the Backyard

Having access to hot water in your backyard can be more valuable than you may think. For example, you may want to do your clean-up of your backyards, such as washing your car or even your bike; you should have access to warm water while doing your backyard chores, especially in cold seasons. Having hot water to wash your car also saves you the cost of taking your car for washing. You can also conveniently do your garden’s cleanups without bringing the dirt into the house.

3. Be Prepared for Surprises

Although running your household with a single portable water heater creates inconvenience, but having it as a backup is a good idea. Sometimes it’s beneficial if there are power outages, or you will have access to hot water in any situation. In case of an emergency outdoor trip, you will be well set with the water heater to enable you to have a great shower invent in the woods. Your water heater can also be of help in other useful activities that require hot water other than showering in case of a power outage.

4. Energy Saving

A portable water heater usually helps in saving energy since they usually use propane for heating. You should do your research and know that propane water heaters are more efficient than electric ones and also provide hot water almost instantly. Therefore, you won’t have to consume more energy heating a large amount of water over a long time.


Having access to hot water at any time, it is required poses a great convenience. Having appliances such as Joolca that enable you to have hot water to shower or washing your dishes, or do some laundry away from home creates more freedom and enhances your outdoor experience.

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