How to Make Sure That Your Sola Wood Flower Business Is the Best in The Game?

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Starting a business based on sola wood sounds tempting for many people. But the thing is that most of them only think about wooden wedding flowers when it comes to what this wood is used for. Granted, the bulk of the modern industry is based on creating these types of flowers and floral arrangements, but it can also be used for much more than this. And the more options your business offers, the more clients you can find. All one has to do is do some serious research and weigh their options carefully before starting anything.   

What Should Your Sola Wood Business Offer Its Customers?

Creating something out of nothing takes creativity and vision, but creating a business out of your passion can take even more than that. A lot of people, all around the world, dream of starting their own business every year. Many of them take the plunge and invest in their idea, but unfortunately not all of them succeed. This is because having an idea or a dream is only half of the whole thing. After you have defined what you want to do, it is time to make sure that you have who to do it for. That means that you should identify your potential customer base and see if that is enough to keep your business in the black, because although seeing your dream business created is nice, seeing it succeed is even nicer. 

A lot of people think that going into the sola wood products business is easy. They start making plans on how to name their business and what that business should do, but soon enough they find that they aren’t the only ones offering those type of services or products. In fact, more and more people are discovering their talent of making things out of this kind of wood, and opening businesses of their own. The way to make sure that your business stays afloat is to make sure that you understand correctly all the opportunities that you have and how you can take advantage of them. this means you have to do some serious research. 

For instance, sola wood is mainly known for being used for decorative purposes. It is light and very malleable, and you can find it fairly easily. But most people that think about doing business with such a product will only go as far as opening a hobby shop. That isn’t bad, but the options are much more numerous, if you only try and find them. One of the most common ways of using this type of wood is to make wooden wedding flowers out of it. You might not think that flowers made out of wood are such a big deal, but do some research and you’ll find that there are thousands of people looking to buy them, all over the world. From brides to be, looking for that perfect bouquet, all the way to kindergarten teachers, searching for their next project to do with the kids, there are a whole lot of clients out there just waiting for the right person to give them what they want. And if at first you might not find the right clients, or as many of them as you’d want, don’t panic. This is a long game, where only those who tough it out in the beginning make it. 

What Else Can Sola Wood Be Used for?

Sola wood is one of the lightest and most malleable woods out there. It can be found in abundance in the sub-tropical parts of India, which means that it is fairly cheap to buy and even sustainable in the long run. Historically, it was used to make different headdresses for couples who were getting married in the area. The craft of sculpting the wood evolved and it became a worldwide sensation. What really made it famous were the safari hats the British colonists would use when exploring the sub-continent. From there, everyone wanted to be a part of the sola game. 

The next step was to use it for increasingly larger statues and sculptures, used for decorating anything from temples to houses. Because of the woods lightweight, the statues were used in processions and different ceremonies that included carrying the structures. But it didn’t stop here. Another category that really liked working with the wood and couldn’t get enough of it were the modelists. They needed a lightweight material in order to build model ships and planes out of it. And they found. Back in the 19th and 20th century, when building models was all the rage all across the world, there were massive exports of the wood that found its way to the far reaches of the world. Nowadays, although composite materials are the mainstream way to go, there are still quite a few traditionalists and collectors that like things done in a certain way, using original materials. So it may seem that this wood will never go out of style, no matter what it will be used for. It will find its way to make itself useful regardless of the age and of the trends, and always be an important part of many industries and businesses in the future. 

How to Promote Your Wooden Wedding Flowers?

There are a lot of skilled craftsmen creating these wooden wedding flowers. If you also want to be one of them, and make sure that your potential clients can see what you have to offer, there are a few things you can do to ensure you and your creations stand out in a crowd. Firstly, communication is key. Always keep in touch with customers and make sure that you know what they want. Nowadays its fairly easy to do this, using social media. There are a lot of options available to you. From the classic Facebook post or even sales listing, all the way to Pinterest, where people go in search of inspiration for their own creations. Make sure that you generate lots of content, that means pictures, videos, short posts etc., that people can see and like and follow in order to get and stay in touch with customers from all over the world. 

Another great way of making sure that your wooden wedding flowers are where everybody can see them is to take part in as many events as possible. That being said, don’t go and crash a wedding or anything. Just make sure that when a wedding fair, for instance, is happening near you, you are there and are ready to present your best works. These events are also a good way of meeting people in the business, from which you can learn new stuff, and make relations with wedding planners and even find new customers. Don’t be afraid to show what you can do. Everybody who’s there with you is there for exactly the same reason.    

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