5 Of The Top Budget Hotels Booking tips

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Are you looking for a cheap hotel where to stay overnight during your holidays? Thanks to the search engine you can compare prices and access hotel offers in over 2 million cities around the world.

Easily filter based on the services you want to find in the accommodation during your stay and find the perfect budget hotel for you and your travel companions. You can even choose what type of accommodation to stay in and filter the facilities which are hotels, apartments, 5-star hotels, guest houses, etc.

Whatever your needs and desires, you will find enchanting solutions at the best prices and you can stay on a budget and without sacrificing your savings. Find out the list of hotels in Mauritius.

Do you dream of visiting cities rich in art and culture in Italy such as Florence, Rome, Milan or Naples or do you want to leave the Bel Paese to get lost in the streets of Barcelona, London, Paris or Amsterdam? Do as millions of travelers do every year, book your cheap hotel on eDreams and enjoy unforgettable holidays!

Do you want to know when is the right time to book the hotel and grab the best offer? Read our article and find out! You will also find other useful tips to permanently save on the cost of your hotel stay.

Here are 5 valuable tips to keep in mind before booking your hotel room:

1. The exact time to book

Timing isn’t everything, but it sure helps! A recent study reveals that there is a specific time to book your hotel stay. If you want to save significantly, you should book your hotel 1-2 weeks in advance if your destination is a capital city. For seaside holiday resorts, it is better to book 2-3 months in advance if you want to get the best deal.

Here’s why: in big cities like New York or London which have a high percentage of business travelers, hotel prices fluctuate only slightly from 6 to 3 months before check-in, and only start to drop in the last 12 weeks.

From now on it is possible to find the best last-minute offers and the highlight is one or two weeks before the trip. But there’s a problem: hotels are more likely to be booked right now so you may not get the room or hotel you were looking for.

The opposite is true for smaller and more touristic towns, such as seaside resorts and the most popular holiday resorts. In this case, the best offers are available 3-4 months before check-in and prices are likely to be higher if you book at the last minute.

2. The best day to check-in at the hotel

Did you know that the day of arrival at the hotel also affects the final price of your stay? Choosing the right day to start your stay can save you between 15% and 47%. In general, Sunday is the least expensive day of the week to start your hotel stay, and you can save up to 19%.

Tuesdays, or the middle of the week, are the most expensive days. Higher mid-week prices are especially common in cities with a high percentage of business travelers, who book right on weekdays.

3. Make use of coupons

There are many coupon sites that offer products and services with advantageous discounts, including travel and in particular hotel stays.

In most cases, you don’t even need to register to see the offers. The main sites are Groupon and Groupalia, but doing an online search you will find lots of them … and who knows if you won’t find a discount voucher for the hotel you are interested in, it won’t hurt to try!

4. Make a phone call to the hotel

Do you think that booking a hotel online is the only low-cost option? You are wrong! A “scientifically” proven and very simple trick is to call the hotel and ask for a lower rate. You will be surprised how often hotels are willing to offer a lower price than what they can openly advertise on their website.

Before calling the hotel, check the room prices on the hotel website. If the prices are the same, explain that you are thinking of booking with booking.com and that if they can offer you a better price over the phone, you will book directly with them.

This strategy is often very successful! And if they really can’t go down in price, they can offer you extra services,

5. Download the Pruvo app

About 40% of hotel bookings experience an under-date price drop. This free app for IOS and Android warns you if the price of the room you have already booked has dropped! Here’s how it works: book your hotel room, make sure it’s free cancellation, and then forward the reservation to [email protected] If they find a better price, the app will notify you, so you can decide whether to cancel the free reservation or rebook the room at the lowest rate!

Finally, remember to travel safely in any country in the world and therefore to purchase a travel policy that includes coverage for Medical Expenses with millionaire ceilings and Repatriation with an unlimited limit! Make a quote with Safe Travel and at a cost of a few Euros a day, forget about it!

Tips for finding cheap hotels at the best prices

Do you dream of visiting cities in Italy such as Milan, Naples or Rome or spending a few days in European destinations such as Amsterdam or Barcelona? With a few tricks, it is not difficult to find a cheap hotel room even in cities that attract millions of tourists every year. Here are our tips to be able to book cheap hotels.

First, it is essential to use a site that allows you to compare accommodation prices. Compare hotels before choosing the one you will book to identify the features that best suit your needs and budget; in a few clicks you will find the solution that’s right for you.

It is important to take into account various variables that affect the price of a hotel room, whether it is a 5-star hotel or a less luxurious one.

An example is the location of the accommodation in the city, those that are closer to the center are usually more expensive than those slightly further away on the outskirts if it is not a problem for you to move by public transport or walk, choose to stay away from the main tourist attractions can save you a lot of money.

Secondly, carefully consider the services you will need. A room in a hotel with a swimming pool and spa may be more expensive than a more modest B&B. Think about whether during your trip you will have time to use the services provided by the accommodation regardless of some.

Another tip is to be flexible about the dates of your travel, just like with flights, even for hotels the rooms usually cost more for weekend nights or during bridges and holidays; if you have the possibility to choose the dates of your trip, avoid school holidays and the dates when many more people are used to traveling.

Finally, don’t forget to read some comments left by other guests to get to know a little better about the hotel you are about to book. You will be able to learn more about the quality of the services offered or about the timing and methods of travel to reach the main attractions.

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