8 Ways To Boost Your Site’s Google Rank

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Money by itself won’t shoot you to the top of the Google rankings. But with some practical strategies and practices, such as effective link-building, you can boost your rank at little cost. Check out how you can do just that with our tips below.

Write Outstanding Content

Placing high-quality, relevant content on your site is one of the most effective ways to obtain traffic and enhance your searching ranking. A recent poll of marketers found that 57% said content development was the best SEO tool.

It’s essential to ensure your content has no mistakes, has proper keywords, is optimized for smartphones, and addresses the needs and desires of your audience. You also should include valuable external and internal links to critical content.

Obtain Additional Backlinks

Backlinks, or links from other sites to your site, are a top Google ranking factor. Incoming links to your site’s content from a high-authority domain illustrate the authority of your website. It will increase traffic and enhance your search ranking.

Boost Page Speed

Google started to use mobile page speed as one of its ranking factors recently. It said that this update only affected a small percentage of websites. But it’s still wise to make your website as fast as possible. Doing so will keep more visitors on your site and improve your Google rank.

Utilize H1 and H2 Tags

Headers help make your copy simpler to read and understand for search engines and people. Research shows a correlation between your Google rank and how often you use H1 and H2 tags in your copy. Also, header tags are a perfect way to structure the content and highlight key topics.

Optimize For Local Searches

More people use their mobile devices to look for companies ‘near me.’ To boost your odds of having the business come up in local searches, be sure to claim a Google My Business page. Then, provide vital content in Google Posts, have your company listed in local business directories, and enhance your online reputation with favorable customer reviews.

Write Excellent Meta Descriptions

The meta description is a short piece of text that’s in the code of the site page. It doesn’t show on the page, but it will show in search results.

The meta description isn’t the essential ranking factor it once was, but it helps. Also, it provides people with more information about the site page. This can enhance your click rate. That’s why it’s vital to write a detailed meta description when you’re doing SEO for your site. Be certain that the meta description fully summarizes the information on that page.

Enhance User Experience

A study published by SEMrush on ranking factors found that the top factors in Google ranking are site visits, time on site, number of pages per session, and bounce rate.

All four are connected to your site’s user experience. It’s easy: If your site is fun, straightforward to use, and has valuable content, it attracts more visitors. Those visitors will hang out longer on your site and read more pages. All of this activity boosts your search engine ranking.

Repair Broken Links

Putting high-quality links on your website is a fantastic way to boost traffic and make your site have more authority. However, links that have a 404 error damage the user experience and your ranking. There are tools such as Dead Link Checker that can search your site for broken links.

Now that you know some of the best ways to increase your Google rank without spending a lot of money, are you excited? You should be! With a bit of effort, you can gradually improve your ranking by applying these proven SEO tactics to your site.

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