Top 9 Things to do in Santorini – Guide to Must-See Attractions

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Santorini is a paradise island in Greece. The island needs little introduction, as it belongs to the category of beautiful Greek islands. Some would say it is one of the most iconic Greek islands to visit. But exactly what can you do there? You’ve probably seen the sunset photos of Santorini, but how to get them? How to capture that perfect moment? We have some ideas to share with you about activities in Santorini.

With beautiful cave-like best Santorini hotels, crumbly cliffs, gorgeous sunsets, idyllic blue and white houses, Santorini can offer everything you want.

The island is just an ideal picturesque spot. You can make thousands of photos, and you will not be able to decide which one is the best.

So, let’s try and share some ideas of where to take the best photos, and what to do once you visit the island.

Hike from Fira to Oia

If you are an adventurous type, this one is a must. It is the most obvious hike you can make. You go through the sister villages of Fira, Firostefani, and some more, until you finally arrive in Oia. The hike offers amazing views of the volcano, the sea, and the caldera.

To prepare you for the adventure, we have to mention a few things. The hike will take you two hours in one direction. And if you do not mind walking in later in the day, we recommend hiking before sunset. This way, you will get the sunset photo at Oia, the most picturesque sunset you will see.

Try some Greek wine

Santorini offers plenty of beverages, and we would recommend going on a wine-tasting tour. No holiday is complete without a glass of wine, right?

At Santorini, you can visit either Santo wines or Venetsanos Winery. Both places offer delicious Greek wines, but also some olives and bites to keep your stomach in shape. Great idea for a lazy afternoon.

Watch the sunset at Oia

We touched on this subject during our hike recommendation, but you do not have to hike to catch the sunset. Santorini offers plenty of spots for sunset photos. But arguably the best one is at Oia. You stand at the top of a ruined castle near the windmill, and what you see in front of you is a magical sight. Pictures do not do justice to this sunset.

And during the high season, you might find plenty of other tourists trying to get the same sunset photo. One alternative is the Akrotiri lighthouse, where you can look at boats sailing into the setting sun. And you will enjoy a relatively less crowded spot.

The real Atlantis

Greek history and legends talk about Atlantis, the lost city. Atlantis also appears in comic books and many other legends. According to Greek legends, 3,000 years ago, a catastrophic volcanic eruption consumed Santorini (at the time Atlantis), causing the city to disappear into the ocean below.

In the past decades, archeologists have found places and ruins that they believe date to that time. Visit the Akrotiri Archeological Site to check the real Atlantis.

Catamaran cruise around the island

No matter which island you visit in Greece, the best way to explore it is by cruising with a ship. At Santorini, you can rent a Catamaran, and cruise around the island. This cruise gives you a chance to explore top attractions, and enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of beaches.

Visit the Volcano

You can indulge in the rich volcanic history of the island by booking a volcano tour. It is a perfect adventure for thrill-seekers. Hiking up the famous volcano will give you a boost to your adrenaline rush.

And once you get there, can swim in the heating waters of hot springs. There are also boat tours that allow travelers to swim in the therapeutic waters. But the volcano tour is definitely the best.

Wander the capital

Fira is the capital of Santorini. And it is one of the best places to see on the island. During your trip in Fira, you can wander and discover the white and blue houses, enjoy picturesque narrow alleys, admire magnificent views of the caldera, and much more.

Fira is the perfect Cycladic town. You can also walk to the small port of Fira Skala. The way down is easy, but getting back up poses a challenge. There are 587 steps you have to climb.

Try local cuisine

We talked about the wines of Santorini, and now let’s touch on the food. As an island location, you can enjoy plenty of fish. The best place to enjoy local cuisine is Ammoudi, a unique spot in Oia famous for the fish taverns.

Ride the donkeys

This tour has received plenty of criticism in the past. But some tour operators still offer a “riding the donkeys” tour. It is an authentic Santorini attraction. Some owners hold onto the tradition, despite the treatment constituting a clear breach of animal welfare laws in Greece.

In the past few years, owners have placed a weight limit on donkeys. You can ride them only if you weigh less than 220 pounds.

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