International Travel Insurance: Features, Benefits and Coverage

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Every individual has a different purpose for travelling abroad. Maybe it’s because they want to take a break from their daily routine, explore different countries, or visit their dream destination, and so on. However, one thing is constant – going on a trip rejuvenates you from within and makes you feel lively. 

Nonetheless, to have a hassle-free and enjoyable trip, it is important to plan your international trip well in advance. Planning a trip involves booking flight and accommodation, preparing an itinerary, shopping, etc. However, a few of you sometimes skip buying one thing while planning your trip, i.e. international travel insurance. It is one of the most important documents that helps in coping with contingencies that might arise during your trip.

Read further to know about the lucrative benefits and features of international travel insurance:

  • Baggage Delay/Loss Cover

A contingency such as baggage delay/loss might come up during the journey, which might bring your trip to a standstill. A baggage delay might be caused due to the misdirection by the carrier, which might delay your trip altogether. Under this, you might also have to incur additional expenses for meals and other purposes. On the other hand, your baggage containing important documents or other valuable items might get lost. 

However, if you travel with international travel insurance, you can be worry-free about such uncertainties, as your insurance provider will compensate you for additional expenses or loss incurred. The compensation amount depends on the sum insured and the specifications of your policy. 

  • Journey Cover

There are a number of unexpected events that might happen during the journey, for which it is important to stay covered under international travel insurance. Otherwise, you might have to incur a considerable loss. Find below the general inclusions of international travel insurance:

  • Trip Curtailment

An emergency might come up anytime during the trip, due to which you might have to return to your home early. And due to this, you might still have an unused portion of accommodation or travel costs. However, if the reason for trip curtailment is genuine, the insurance provider reimburses for this loss. 

  • Trip Cancellation

You might have to cancel your trip if you, your co-traveller or an immediate family member falls sick or meets with an untimely death. Under such a situation, you will be reimbursed for the non-refundable and unused portion of your flight and accommodation bookings.

  • Missed Connection/Departure

On your return journey, you might miss your connection/departure flight due to the problem from the common carrier’s side, which might be due to inclement weather, equipment failure, etc. The insurer reimburses the additional expenses you had to incur due to this delay.

  • Loss of Passport

If unfortunately, you lose your passport during the trip, the insurer helps you issue a new passport or arranges a duplicate copy of the same so that you can continue your trip.

  • Bounced Hotel/Airline Booking

Despite booking air tickets and accommodation in advance, you might not get to avail of the services due to overbooking or some other reason. The insurance provider compensates for this loss under international travel insurance.

  • Medical Expenses

A medical emergency can happen anywhere and at any time; therefore, to help you cope with this, overseas medical insurance is a part of international travel insurance. Find below the medical inclusions:

  • Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses

While being on your trip, you might fall sick or meet with an accident. Your treatment cost will be covered.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

If you need to be shifted to another place for better treatment, the cost incurred for the same will be covered.

  • Sickness Dental Expenses

If you face any dental problem during the trip, depending on your policy, the treatment cost of the same will be covered. 

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

In case of your untimely demise, the insurance provider makes necessary arrangements for the repatriation of your remains to your home country. And, in case of dismemberment due to an accident, you will be compensated for the loss according to your sum insured. 

By now, you must have had a fair idea about why is it important to buy international travel insurance. Lastly, remember that you must choose a credible insurance provider like TATA AIG so that you can stay confident about your claim settlement within the minimum time possible. Besides, you can avail of their unparalleled services and benefits and 24*7 customer assistance.

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