Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal Without Overspending

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The home exterior is the first impression — it’s what potential buyers will see if the property is on the market, and it’s the impression new friends will have of the rest of the home. Well-maintained homes give off a sense of pride that its homeowners welcome visitors.

If your home is in need of some love and care, there are ways to add visually appealing elements without a drastic budget. Let’s look at how homeowners can add style and character to their home’s exterior without overspending.

Renovate the Walkway

What better way to welcome guests or buyers to your home than with a polished walkway? This particular project may be on the higher end of the budget, but it will pay off in the long-run. Many homes, typically older builds, have worn out, cracked, and dated walkways. Whether you’re going to attempt the project yourself or you need professional assistance, a clean and safe walkway is an excellent start to your curb appeal projects.

In some cases, you may require short-term capital to kickstart this type of project — since it’s on a larger scale. It’s important that as a homeowner, you borrow what you need when you need it. Once the renovation is done, you can pay off any loans.

Add Colour to the Front Door

This is an incredibly beneficial idea if you’re going to upgrade your walkway. A fresh coat of paint on your doors — and shutters if your home has them — can breathe new life into a dated part of the house. Plus, it solidifies the home’s updated style with a gorgeous walkway leading up to the front door. It’s one of the most affordable DIY projects that any homeowner can tackle. Choose an inviting colour and spend the afternoon with this easy project.

Install New Porchlights

Your outdoor lights are an important aspect of the home’s exterior — they create a sense of warmth as the sunsets and the neighbourhood grows darker. Since you likely only need two, framing the front door, this is an inexpensive addition that can add modern elements to your overall curb appeal.

Plant More Greenery

Nothing brings more life to a home, quite like flowers, shrubbery, and planters to the front of the house. Each home is unique, which means there are various options to choose from when it comes to adding greenery to the exterior of any property. Whether you’re planting flower beds or adding hanging planters to the front porch, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Powerwashing Front Steps

Often, we don’t realize how dusty or dirty our front porch steps are until they’re properly cleaned. This is one of the most cost-efficient upgrades you can make to the exterior of your estate. By adding a deep clean to the steps and your front porch, you can easily give the space new life. Even if you’re uncomfortable using a power washer on your own, hiring someone to do the job shouldn’t cut into your budget significantly.

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