The ultimate guide for choosing the best bed frame for your home

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Your bed is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture in your house. In addition to serving

several purposes and providing utmost comfort, it also has to excel in looks as it is the

centerpiece of your bedroom. In today’s times, manufacturers have cleverly and smartly

combined the look and purpose in designing beds that cater to a vast range of needs and likes.

Whether you are looking for style, comfort, or storage, Single Beds & Frames – Luxo Living will provide you all.

Beds and bed frames are highly personal and must fit your individual choice. However, finding

the ideal one can be challenging given the variety of choices. Here is a guide that describes some popular, unique styles that can elevate the oomph of your interior while delivering exceptional

functional purposes.

  • Guest bed

If you have limited space and still want to have an extra comfortable sleeping bed for

guests, these are the ideal choice for you. These beds are typical single beds with an

additional bed tucked underneath the main bed frame. The second bed can be easily

pulled out as and when needed.

  • Divan bed

These beds are essentially made with a two-piece base that has drawers creating plenty of

additional space for storage. The drawers are made underneath the main structure inside

the base helping you to keep your room clean and tidy even without additional almirah or


  • Ottoman frame

Ottoman bed frames are a modern twist to the beds with additional storage. These are

fitted with automated or lever-driven mechanisms to lift the bed without disturbing the

cover and pillows. You can easily lift the mattress to open the storage compartment under

it with your hands-free to put and remove things.

  • Sleigh frame

Sleigh bed frames are similar to the standard bed in terms of size and height. However,

the storage space is usually less as the headboard, footboard, and side panels are slightly

bigger to create a sleigh-like feel.

  • Mid sleeper beds

These beds are an interesting mix of standard and high sleepers and are ideal for children.

The height of mid sleepers is more than standard and less than high beds which gives

your children a fun of a ladder bed while keeping them in your eye below your head.

  • Bunk bed frames

These are again suitable and loved for children. Bunk beds are a combination of two beds

placed one over the other spaced enough to allow you to slip into both of them easily.

These allow you to accommodate two sleepers in the space of one and also give your

room a classic yet modern look.

  • TV bed frames

TV beds perfectly bring together your comfort and entertainment. These beds amazingly

incorporate a flat-screen LED TV inside a bed and are most loved by millennial buyers.

TV beds have a high headboard and also a high footboard that conceals the TV inside

them. The TV can be lowered and lifted to and from within the frame by a button press.

These beds come in various styles and colors to match your style and are a perfect fit for

small rooms.

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