Tips for Moving During the Winter Months

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When you think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is you all bundled up in your home, trying to stay as warm as possible. Moving to a new place is far from it. Everyone knows moving can be a herculean task and you can expect it to be more difficult in such unpredictable weather like winter.

Relocating during summer is easier. Of course, you’re thinking about packing but in winter, that’s the least of worries. Moving during winter would involve you thinking about packing in a winter-safe way, lifting heavy furniture and walking on ground covered with snow, and driving through such difficult weather. 

Do you still need anyone to tell you that you need expert movers to help you? Check here to hire a professional moving service to help you load your trucks and save you all the stress that comes with moving.

You might be worried about a hike in price due to the complexities involved but there’s no cause for alarm. Prices are usually cheaper in winter months because of low demand for moving services. If you’ve never moved during winter, here are some important tips to make your move less daunting.

1. Use a Checklist

Design a plan to ensure you stay organized. A checklist is a great way to monitor your progress and ensure you do not miss out anything important. Some of the things that should be on your checklist include; packing an essentials bag containing your medication and winter items of clothing, paying for utilities in your new house ahead of time, and labeling boxes with care instructions.

2. Envisage Delays

It’s winter and you know how unpredictable the weather can get. One day, everything is fine and people are making trips to the grocery store, the next day, everyone is advised to stay indoors. Delays can be frustrating but you can help yourself minimize the disappointment by having a moving week instead of a moving day. Tell your movers that any day of a particular week is fine so they get to pick the safest day to drive their truck down.

3. Protect Your Floor

The last thing you want is having to pay for cleaning services before you return your keys. When loading your boxes into the truck or van, you’re bound to have many people moving in and out. Snow and mud from outside can cause stains on your floor. You can have the movers cover your floor so you don’t have to.

4. Hire A Professionals

Making use of a moving service is the best decision you can make. Moving in the winter is unknown territory to you so it’s best to leave it to those who have been doing it for many years. 

Hire a company ( like Los Angeles movers ) that shows a high level of professionalism and can provide you with respectful and trained movers. 

For professional moving services, the goal is to help you have a stress-free move. It is their top priority. In the case of bad weather which is likely, they can make calculated and informed decisions on whether to proceed.

5. Clear Path at Both Houses

Safety is a big concern when it comes to moving in winter. With snow on your sidewalk and driveway, chances of accidents are higher so you have the responsibility to clear it before the movers arrive. You need them to work as efficiently as possible in the best conditions.

Moving during winter doesn’t have to be a bad idea. Hiring experts would make your work easy plus you get to enjoy discounts and flexible scheduling.

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